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Portable HF Station "Grab and Go" Setup Idea

Rakesh ~~~~ VU2RAK

New Delhi, India

Here is my arrangement of a portable HF station using Icom IC706MK2G + MFJ small SMPS Power supply + Mini CW paddle + Auto Tuner and a front speaker all in one "Grab and Go" package.
See photos below.

HF Portable at use in home.

Radio is Icom IC706MK2G, On top is MFJ's Little SMPS MightyLite MFJ-4125 power supply, above that is LDG Z-100 auto tuner.

All these are tightly tied to radio using several turns (wrapped) with about 1 inch wide cloath (Silky) black ribbon. One can use some other material or some other means to attach all these to radio. The advantage of this is that in case you need to remove all these items from radio, you can just un-knot the ribbon.

One can use some Velkro type of arrangement as well. Also on radio is a small home made CW paddle. The paddle bottom has 4 small magnets glued to it by using suitable quick drying adhesive. The use of magnets is for sticking paddle to radio's metal top cover near speaker grill.

I had a Diamond 8 ohm external speaker spare, so I have tied that also to the SMPS by using black color strong thick cord.

You also can see that I have used 2 fans (externally) on radio. One is at the back and other is on the left side of the radio. I found that the left side of the radio gets as hot as the back heat sink section. (I think there is a regulator bolted to this side of the radio and this could be the reason for the left side also getting that hot).

After using small computer fans at these two places, radio runs cool even after long operation on SSB and CW with full 100 watts. Both fans are connected with main DC power cord and are connected with a fuse.

You can use an Icom made leather handle for the 706 in place of my home made aluminum handle seen in pictures,  but I found that my home made handle is very strong, and is easy to grab.

The DC cord for the supply to radio is fitted with 2-male Banana plugs, one green for -V and red for +V,  which go into the binding post sockets at the back of the SMPS.  

In case of emergency operation or where there is no power available, or if someone wants to oprate the "Grab and Go" system with a battery, you can unplug the DC cord banana plugs from the back of the power supply and insert them into a charged battery (see the picture). This way the system can be operated with both AC power or battery. 

The micrphone is also tide to the top of LDG tuner, using black thick cord . So when you grab and take radio with you, you do not forget anything as all is attached with the radio. So just Grab and GO---- Don't forget the antenna!

The system works well,  specially with front firing speaker, the received audio is very clear on SSB and CW....

Side mounted handle! "Grab and Go"

Rear View showing battery and cooling fan. Note fan on right side also.

The battery shown below, is a normal sealed lead acid computer UPS type, 12/V at 7Ah. One can use a bigger, more amp hour battery also, but that becomes heavy. Charger is simple. I have extended plus and minus battery connecting wires of my computer UPS and have soldered a male 2 pin plug (see photo below). 

Battery and connector charging arrangement connected to computer UPS.

So, when charging is required, I simply plug in this 2 pin connector on the battery, (upper left section of battery in photo above), which is fitted with a matching female socket, (using a few wraps of black elec. tape). This way I charge my battery using my home PC UPS. When battery is fully charged, it gives near 13.V.  Therefore, I have not bought or made a separate charger. In fact I have two of these batteries, one always remains connected with computer UPS.

So here it is.....Grab and Go!

I hope it gives you some ideas!

New Delhi, India

If you want more information, Please let me know...

vu2rak >>> yahoo.com



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