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By Sean, M0GIA


Read a super article on Hamuniverse.com about a guy who saved some money by building a drive on vertical antenna support from wood.
 I thought yes I'm up for having a go at one. Often thought about building a metal version or even getting one built by a frabicater but then I thought I'm only going to
be using light weight antennas so a wooden support may fit the bill.

I started out with a set of bunk bed ladders that were being thrown away by a neigbour and originally donated for fire wood but now given a second life. I've got a right angle screwed and dowlled together and already varnished.....Bargain!

Here is how I did it!

A set of bunk bed ladders ready for modifying.

I cut one runner out leaving it mounted to the side.

I decided to add a small metal right angle bracket for extra strength.

Now an angled brace screwed to the horizontal and verticle sections.

I added a length of angle iron to the vertical section, the stuff they build
 shelving out off in warehouses etc. This will allow my fishing pole
 to be strapped to it using the pre drilled holes.

Picture above was taken up in the local hills approx 1100ft ASL using a 23ft fibre glass fishing pole with a half wave dipole taped to it cut for 20m.
With taking advantage of the height and low angle offered from the vertical using the FT817, I can hear Canada and North America in real poor propagation, so at least I'm half way there but just need more than 5w to be heard.
73, Sean, M0GIA.....Good DX!

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