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4BTV "Flag Pole" Antenna
Solution to a subdivision antenna restriction by KX9DK

The Hustler 4BTV trap vertical antenna is and has been a very popular multiband antenna with ham radio operators for years. It's performance, length, and diameter lends itself to being "hidden" within PVC tubing and disguised as a flag pole!
 Here, KX9DK shares his "flag pole antenna with all to enjoy. 

Materials used.

1. Hustler 4-BTV trap vertical antenna
2. 1 1/4 inch x 4 foot pipe
3. 2 inch x 10 foot PVC (thinwall), quantity 2
4. 2 inch PVC couplings, qty 2
5. 2 inch PVC end cap, qty 1
6. 5 inch PVC fence post
7. eye-bolt
8. Nylon rope
9. Misc. landscaping materials

4-BTV base section mounted to 4 foot pipe (no concrete used, pipe driven into ground with 18 inches exposed above surface). Coax is buried.

4BTV antenna base with PVC base cover
4BTV flagpole antenna covered in 2 inch thinwall PVC mounted on antenna base

4BTV Flagpole antenna as seen from street using Google Earth
"I've gotten quite a few emails from hams who found my flagpole project looking for ways to conceal an antenna.It's been up for over eight years now and works fine 40 thru 10."
73 Dave, KX9DK

Although no "how to's" are presented in this article,
Dave will be happy to answer any of your questions
Email Dave for questions -----
kx9dk AT wi.rr.com


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