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Homebrew Mini Mast Idea
Well not exactly homebrew!

It's a mini version of the painter poles that many hams use. It worked fine holding up a pair of MFJ 20 meter verticals that I used as dipoles and V beams.

Shown above is a close up of one mast that I took with me to KH6.

The Extender stick came from my xyl's snow brush for her car.  She tossed it in the garbage and I retrieved it and unscrewed the brush and kept the stick.  It's 28 inches when collapsed and extends to 48 inches.  Nice fit for a balcony as I had on the Maui, N7I Special Event  in October, 2010 for US Islands program. 

Above is a representative picture of it before "modification".
It "was" a # 2610XB made by Hopkins Mfg. Corp., Emporia, KS



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