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KL7JR DUAL G5RV (360) degree coverage!??

Here's a double G5RV dipole design fashioned from a double G5RV design by VO1TX who swears by it! The concept is about the same as a G5RV design but not critical on vertical radiator or leg lengths. Maybe, "The more the better" applies?

I haven't tried it, but as I said, VO1TX swears by his design. I think this design is ideal if you can only get one antenna up and want pretty much 360 degree coverage on 10-80m, and who knows, if it's made longer (?) it could also work on 160m!

It's just 2 dipoles at right angles connected together then to the vertical radiator then to the coax to shack. In other words, the plus wire from each dipole connects together and to one leg of the twinlead and same for negative (shield) leg then bottom to coax cable. Anyway, Bill VO1TX claims almost 360 degree coverage plus being multi-banded. The tiny circles in the drawing below represent the feed point connections and the separation of the 2 wires of each dipole (one runs N&S and other E&W).

10-80 Meter Double G5RV Dipole

1. Make each leg at least 40 feet long.

2. Use 300 ohm twinlead for vertical radiator (minimum 25 ft long) and attach to coax feedline to radio.

3. Use as flattop (horizontal) or inverted V.
Note: Only one coax cable needed. Attach both "center coax" conductors to one side of 300 ohm twinlead and both shields to the other side of twinlead. At end of twinlead, simply attach coax (min 50 feet long) and run to rig!
Seal all connections well. Experiment with it and have fun!

A close relative of this design is the Skeleton Cone antenna.

See more on it here.

73 John, KL7JR - kl7jr at yahoo.com

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