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A 7 Band HF Stealth Vertical Using Landscaping Lattice!

Please your XYL, the neighbors and yourself with this stealth 1/4 wave vertical antenna idea hidden within a lattice frame made from wood, PVC, vinyl or other non-conductive lattice work material.
The 1/4 wave lengths for each band are interwoven into the pattern of the lattice design as needed to hide them from view. If you have existing lattice work that has vines already growing, then that is all the better. Use green insulated wires as the radiators and they will become almost invisible even when you are looking for them! If you dont' have foliage on the lattice, then use wire the same color as the lattice material. They will be very hard to see against the same color background of the lattice.

There are many patterns, colors and sizes of lattice material available from Lowes, Home Depot and other outdoor landscaping improvement suppliers but this project uses 2 each 4 X 8 foot rectangular sections that can be put together to form the 16 foot height required by this project.

One particular style that might be of interest to you is a "fan" type design but that may look sort of odd when you stack 2 of them. Your choice of course. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

The vertical elements (radiators shown in orange in the drawing) are formed as 1/4 wave length sections using the old standby formula of 234 / your frequency = feet in length. The 30 and 40 meter band section of the antenna may require a tuner to tweak the swr or your internal tuner may do the job, but cutting the 1/4 wave lengths for the other bands should not be a problem without a tuner if you cut each one long and tune for lowest swr as needed.

Precalculated lengths as follows..use your own calculations as needed for your center frequency:

10m  8' 3"
12m  9' 4 1/2"
15m  11'
17m  12 ' 10 3/4"
20m  16'  5"
40m  32' 6"

(you may wish to use a separate 30m 1/4 wave section rather than use the 40 meter section for both bands...your choice.)

All vertical elements in the design are connected together at the bottom of the lattice, soldered of course and the center conductor of the coax feed is connected there. The 1/4 wave sections must be fanned out as far as possible from the bottom center (by tahir). The shield of the coax is connected to the radial field.See the KL7JR radial ringfor some ideas for the radials.

Do not install the finished lattice vertical antenna against a metal wall or one that has internal wiring, duct work, metal plumbing, etc ...you will not be pleased!

This project is more suitable for 2 story buildings if attached to the house wall.

Editor note....The main idea with this project can be applied to other methods of supporting and hiding stealthy vertical antennas so use your imagination and have fun in experimenting with yours! If you have other ideas that might work, send them to us for possible publication here!
n4ujw at hamuniverse.com. 73