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The KF9F 2 Meter Stealth Flower Pot Antenna

When a ham sees an antenna, he sees a thing of beauty but to others an antenna may not seem so beautiful.
Presented here are plans for an "antenna" that will be beautiful to ALL!

This project is very simple to build and requires an all plastic flower pot with plastic hanger for outdoor use on a balcony, porch, patio, etc.

It can also be used indoors if desired. It should please anyone with an eye for "beauty" whether they are a ham or not and the best thing about this "antenna" is that it does not look like one to the non-ham, even up close!

It is a simple 2 meter ground plane "hidden" within an artificial flower arrangement.

Can you find the "real" thing of beauty in the drawing above?

Layout of the "antenna"


In the drawing above, a simple 2 meter ground plane is built from the metal stems of artifical flowers. The actual antenna consists of 1 vertical radiator and 4 horizontal radials attached to the SO-239. All of the "stems" (including the support wire for the flowers) of the antenna are the same 19 inches in length...tune as needed for lowest swr. (The "stems" may be longer than 19 inches at first and the radial "stems" may hang down at an angle if needed for tuning).

The "watering tubing" (coax) for feeding the flowers rf can be inserted up through the bottom of the pot and connected to the SO-239. You can hide the S0-239 with a layer of black plactic covered with a small amount of dirt, potting soil, etc. If the finished assembly is to be used outdoors, provide drain holes in the bottom to let out rain and seal the coax connector end well.

Parst list:

1 each All Plastic flower pot with plastic hanger (for outdoor hanging).


5 each METAL stem artificial flowers at a minimum of 19 inches long including any wire extentions for supporting the flower end of the vertical and the radials.


1 each SO-239


Misc hardware, solder, soldering gun, bolts, nuts, screws, etc


Appropriate coax length (50 ohms) to radio with suitable connectors



Construction note:
Depending on the diameter of the pot, the three "Hanger Arms" will most likely have to be lengthened to accomodate the 19" vertical!

Don't forget to "water" it often with a suitable amount of RF!
Don't over "water" and no fertilizer or "green thumb" needed.

Now enjoy a thing of beauty! 73 Rich, KF9F

Send us your photos of your "green thumb" results!

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