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K5LUO Shows Off his 2 Meter Slim Jim Antenna
(Made from old J pole antennas using "HamEngineering")

Well I got the Slim Jim built.  Does not look like much as I used what I had.  It is up on the tower at about 50'.  On the ground (11' up) the SWR across the 2 meter band was less than 1.5:1.
At 146.00 it was 1.2:1.


After getting it all up on the tower, (photo above), I discovered that the coax I was going to use had been hit by lightning and was bad.  So I had to piece together a couple runs of coax.  I used RG8U coax.

The SWR ranged from 1.4:1 to 1.6:1 and at 146.00 ... 1.5:1.  So I am definitely happy.

The Slim Jim antenna is a total of 59" long top to bottom, with a 2 1/8 center to center spread between the copper.  I used PVC to keep the spread at about 2 1/8".  I forgot to measure the gap, but it was around 1 1/2".   

Testing it out.......I started with approx. 2 watts on a HT.  I was able to "talk" on repeaters at an air distance of 35 miles.  Some noise, but very readable.  At 50 watts on a mobile, full quieting.  I did a lot of testing with the 2 watt HT with the antenna 11' off the ground.

At the 35 mile repeater distance, I was able to key the repeater but no voice modulation; however, at a different direction at 35 miles, I could talk but with a lot of noise.  At the 50 watt level no problem.

I'm really impressed with this antenna.
I really want to make another one for a different radio.  It will be mounted a little lower, and new copper!

Like I said, this antenna was pieced together using 2 old J poles.  I ended up having to lengthen the Slim Jim, so I used copper tees.  That's all I had and they worked fine.

I know it does not look like much, so if it is not suitable for the website no problem.  I used the KE5FXU, Richard's idea for the tuning block and it worked just fine.  I did not mount it (tuning block) because I wanted to use it on tuning other antennas.  I used small bolts/screws and soldered/welded them to the copper. 73 -
Bill K5LUO

Editor note. Although Bill reminds us that the finished antenna "does not look like much" we think ANY antenna is a beutiful work of art! And as a bonus, he loves it!






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