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Want to buy an Inkjet cartridge?
Read this first!
A personal Experience with 123InkJets.com

I am the owner/publisher and Webmaster of a Ham radio website called Hamuniverse.com.
The site is very popular with Ham Radio operators and has been on the web since October 2000.
From time to time I get requests for information in "hard copy form" from Ham Radio friends and viewers.
I'm talking "hard copy" from a printer with an inkjet...you know...that thing that you put paper in and it prints out the words on paper so you can send it thru the mail.
The printer I use is an old workhourse made by HP and can be bought in good condition, used, on the web for under $60.00. It is an excellent printer and does a fine job for what I want it to do including printing out color pictures which I do not do very often.
One day last week I needed to print out a project and proceded with the task at hand. I clicked print...the printer made those sounds like most do and the inkjet cartridge started going back and forth on the carridge assembly like it always does while singing it's tune to me. I went on with another task, (working on a web page if memory serves), while the printer did it's thing.
After a while, the sounds stopped, and it spit out the page. I turned to it, grabbed the page and glanced at it................to my surprise and disgust, the ink on the page was almost as gray as the background on this web page!
There were blotches, streaks, smudges and just plain poor quality printing! YUK!
After a little troubleshooting, I determined that the inkjet cartridge was.....
Being familiar with the printer and the removal of the inkjet cartridge from reading the manual that came with the inkjet printer (months ago), I removed it and said a couple of choice words ("Oh! Man!)

NOW, I had another chore to perform before I could complete the printer job!
I knew that I did not have a spare so now I had to go out and buy one.
About an hour and a half later, to make a long drawn out story shorter, I was not about to pay a so called "Super discount office supply" store half the price of another printer for a new inkjet cartridge! NO WAY! It's the principle of the thing, you know!
I had exhausted all of the local possibilities during the hour and had only one option....order one.

I got on the internet when I got back and did a lot of research and price difference shopping for about an hour for new and re-manufactured inkjet cartridges and came to the conclusion that, in my opinion, after all was said and done,the bottom line was to go with a re-manufactured inkjet versus a new one!

I had heard that you would void your warranty if you used anything other than original equipment replacements for inkjets but according to what I learned on the web and other sources, that's a bunch of bunk and you can correct me if I'm wrong, but it is called a Monopoly! I was not concerned because the warranty ran out on mine months ago. During my research I also learned that re-manufactured inkjet cartridges meet or exceed the original makers specifications and are much cheaper!
As much as 30 to 70% cheaper!!!!!
Now back to my experience. While doing the web research thing, I took notes on prices, customer support, number of brands supplied, shipping charges, return policies, guarantee, ease of site navigation, and one company of all that I had researched kept coming to the top of my list of overall best, considering everything that I had learned. 123inkjets.com. I took out my checkcard and went to their site and looked for the inkjet for my printer brand (HP), clicked on it, picked the model number, clicked, and there it was! It was so easy to order using their secure order process and they surprised me with an added discount taken off their advertized price!! The grand total was $18.76 including a free shipping offer via regular mail!!!
The order was placed very late in the day on a Thursday and within less than 1 minute I received a confirmation of the order via email!
The next morning, Friday, another email from them confirming order shipped (from California and should arrive within the next few business days). I was expecting about 5 or six days.
I lived in Tennessee at the time, and Monday around noon, not even 3 shipping days later, I was using the "new" re-manufactured inkjet cartridge from 123inkjets.com! I could not tell any difference in the performance of this "rebuilt" inkjet compared to the original HP that came with my printer when it was new and the most important thing, I sure did save lots of money compared to the local "Super discount stores" and others on the internet!

I am sure you are a very intelligent person and you are always looking for ways to save money, this is why I put this article on the internet for you and my Ham Radio friends.
This info will give you one of the best ways to save on inkjet cartridges! 
Get yours from 123inkjets.com. Just click on the direct link below.



or if you still feel like shopping around, see other competetors ads that may be on the left or right side of this page and compare. You may find a better offer, but I too, shopped around and chose 123InkJets as my supplier.
"I highly endorse "123Inkjets"....Don Webmaster Hamuniverse.com


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