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Henderson County Texas ARES Repeater Net Audio Recordings

Off the air 2 Meter Repeater Recordings

(Use these recordings to give you a good idea of how your station audio sounds recorded off the air so you can make any needed changes to your station setup if needed and to catch up on past nets. Also for new hams, listening to the recordings will give you a good idea of how to check in to the net and how it operates.) 

These recordings are in mp3 format and were recorded directly from the receiver audio output of an Alinco DR 635T tuned to the output frequency of the Cedar Creek ARC repeater or the Athens ARC repeater on their respective air dates . No enhancement, equalization, etc used in the recordings. Some "dead air" space may edited out to reduce the file size.

You will need a player capable of playing mp3 format audio. Most computers already have a player that will play them such as Windows Media player and others. Adjust your computer speakers sound volume at the start of the recorded nets as needed.
Click dates below to listen. Download times and file sizes will vary depending on length of each net.

Please feel free to download these recordings and save to your computer as needed.
New dates and recordings will usually be posted here within 24 hours or sooner after each net.

When operating on the net, please allow about 1 or 2 seconds after you key the mic before speaking to allow the repeater link/s to activate!

You will not hear N4UJW in the recordings due to recording

Repeater Info:
K5CCL ARC  Normally even months (Cedar Creek Lake) 146.900 PL 136.5Hz -  offset
Athens ARC  K5EPH Normally odd months  147.220 PL 136.5Hz + offset

Date/Repeater  (Click on Date to listen - all audio mp3 format)

NOTICE>>>> Due to a recent QTH move beyond the range of the repeater, I can no longer record these sessions. They will remain here for your use as needed. It has been a pleasure recording them for you an being a member of the net and I will miss being here!

73 to all and keep up the good work for the Cedar Creek Lake area.
Don, N4UJW.

September 9, 2014 (Sorry no recording made)

August 12, 2014 K5CCL 8:00PM (About 7 minutes)

July 8, 2014 - recording made due to net date change and my "memory" error!

June 10, 2014 K5CCL  8:00 PM (New Date and time)
(Please excuse the first few seconds..unknown technical problem) Running time about 7:50

May 17, 2014 K5EPH/K5CCL (Starts off with K5EPH then swithed over to K5CCL repeater) Aprox 19 minutes. 6.8MB

April 19, 2014 K5CCL (About 20 minutes- file size about 7MB)

March 15, 2014 K5CCL/EOC net
(About 9 1/2 minutes)
(Sorry only partial net time recorded. Software problems again!

February 15, 2014 K5CCL/K5EPH (about 21 minutes)

January net 2014 (no recording)

December Net Cancelled due to holidays!

November 16, 2013 Athens ARC K5EPH/K5CCL
(Recording Software problems AGAIN.....)
Thanks to Windows 7! No recording! #*((@!*!@)#

October (no recordings due to XYL hospitalized)

Saturday September 21, 2013  Athens ARC K5EPH
Aprox 21 minutes 30 sec playing time. 9.86MB

Saturday August 17, 2013
(Due to software technical difficulties no recording..sorry!) N4UJW

Saturday July 20, 2013  Athens ARC K5EPH
Aprox 13 minutes playing time.

Saturday June 15, 2013 Cedar Creek K5CCL
Aprox 32 min playing time

Saturday May 18, 2013    Athens ARC K5EPH
Aprox 29 min playing time.
Ares net recording from the Athens ARC repeater.

Saturday April 20, 2013   Cedar Creek K5CCL
Playback time about 29 min 30 seconds) WX reporting info
concering hail size an other good info.

Saturday Mar 16, 2013   Athens ARC K5EPH
Notes...Playback time about 17 minutes. File size about 4MB
Most "dead air" edited out of recording to reduce file size

Saturday Feb 16, 2013   Cedar Creek K5CCL

Notes...Playback time about 34 min 49 sec. File size about 4
megs. Net starts about 3 minutes into recording.
You will also hear some EchoLink testing near the end of the

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North Texas ARES Website

North Texas ARES Yahoo Group  You must be logged in

Henderson County, TX Amateur Radio Club links:
Athens ARC
Cedar Creek ARC

Henderson County EC, Rich Casey,  n5csu AT