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 Ham Radio Equipment Reviews
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Please read this entire page before you submit your review with the form below and follow our ham radio equipment review submission guidelines!

"Ham Radio equipment and products review guide lines and requirements"

The ham radio equipment review section of Hamuniverse.com is a new service to the ham community an is open to all licensed amateur radio operators.

We are using a non-direct posting method to post your reviews with the form below or you may email it directly to us using the same "format" as the form. (Using either the form below or direct email submission means that you will not immediately see your review on the web site until it is screened for acceptable content which is required by us for proper content.)

We are looking for your honest, truthful and fair opinions of YOUR equipment and ham radio related products. Note that you are submitting a review of your equipment and products, and NOT requesting that we review a product!

We require that your reviews are for commercially available, new or used products ONLY, and that you have had personal, direct, hands-on experience with it or that you presently are using in the operation of your station. No reviews will be accepted by companies or individuals selling products. If you wish to advertise your products as a dealer, distributor, etc.....Click here for advertising info!

Be as honest fair and truthful as possible about your experience.  Your review is mainly about how you rate your equipment's performance when it is operating properly according to the mfg's instructions and whether or not you recommend it, rather than it's source. However, if you feel that the ham community needs to know about excellent service of any kind OR poor service from the supplier, just say so in your review of your equipment. Give details but limit your comments to the facts.

Only your thoughts about "tangible" "equipment" can be accepted for reviews at this time.

Tangible equipment is loosely defined as meaning new or used transceivers, antennas, towers, coaxial cable, tuners, power supplies, etc that you now own or have used. Various categories will be added as time progresses and the review numbers increase. If you submit equipment that is not already categorized by type, then yours will create a new category if accepted.

CB or freeband related equipment reviews are NOT allowed unless it can be used on the ham bands legally within the confines of the FCC Part 97 rules. 
You may review used equipment (previously owned by someone else),  but remember, you may be reviewing their "junk" that happens to now reside with you so it may not be a fair representation of that particular brand, model, etc if you bought it "as is" and your having a problem with it. Repair it, then review it. If you have reason to believe your equipment is in good working order, then please do review it. 

Review it for what it was intended and designed. Try to refrain from comparing it to non-identical equipment with different specifications. This is like an apple orange comparison. Don't compare a vertical antenna with a horizontal antenna you may have used in the past. Apples to apples, oranges to oranges.

If you have reviews on other websites, you are welcomed to use them here but they must conform to our requirements and must be submitted thru the form below using the proper sections so they can be screened by us an added to the reviews.

Make certain before you click "Submit", that there will be no changes to your submission later.
You may of course add additional updates later if you believe this would change your previous "overall" rating of the product. Your call sign will be used in our records and WILL BE PUBLISHED with the review to help with locating your previous review for additional posting of updates. No anonymous submissions!
Check your review for accuracy and spelling before you submit it.

Please feel free to submit your review in the form below now, but it is highly suggested that you read the entire page for additional info.

To start submitting your review, simply place your mouse cursor inside the first white window below under the Brand/Model# wording, left click the mouse.....and start typing in the required information. When you are finished with that section,  Next, you may use either your mouse cursor OR the Tab key on your keyboard to select the next required entry window. After you have completed the next window's required information, do the same with the next window below it. When done with each window, including the "Comments" section, and the email address section, simply click on the "Send for review" button.  All white spaces must be filled in, or your review will be rejected and you will have to fill in the blank space.
If you wish to start over for any reason BEFORE you click on the "Send" button, just click on the "Clear and Start Over" button and start over from the beginning. Thank you for your submission!

Additional information concerning your review:

Any review that, in our opinion, that is deemed to be overly harsh, harmful to others, contains profanity, or in any way may not be suited for publication for other reasons, can and will be edited for comment or simply not be posted to the reviews at our discretion!

If your review is negative, that is fine, this is your opinion, not necessarily that of Hamuniverse.com, N4UJW, it's advertisers, or it's editors. The same applies for positive reviews.

Don't just call the product "junk, trash, garbage", etc...explain why you would not recommend it or don't like it.

Please no links to dealers, suppliers, distributors, etc. They will not be posted in the review.

We will manually take a look at your submission and if it meets all of the above requirements, within our guidelines, it will be published on Hamuniverse.com within a timely manner in the proper equipment category. Note that all reviews are "hand posted" and are not to be considered automatically posted when submitted.

Your submission of the review is considered to be your written permission to use your review on Hamuniverse.com as needed. Hamuniverse.com reserves the right to use your review in the best interests of Amateur Radio, the ham community and the viewers of Hamuniverse.com.

If you have questions before you submit a review, email n4ujw at hamuniverse.com

73 Don, N4UJW - Hamuniverse.com

Ham Radio Equipment Review Submission Form
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Brand and Model number *
Your first name *
Call Sign *
Type of equipment reveiwed- Be specific! Example Yaesu FT-107 Hf transceiver, Hustler 4btv vertical antenna *
Your overall rating (5 is excellent, 1 is poor) *
Enter time owned or used, years/months *
Purchased new or used *
Comments about the equipment in your own words *
Your email address *
Date of your review *

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