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GreenGeeks Web Site Hosting Review
A personal hosting experience by Don Butler - Webmaster/Publisher Hamuniverse.com
Why Hamuniverse.com is hosted by GreenGeeks!
Introduction, reasons and history behind why I changed
 my website hosting to GreenGeeks

I have not been paid by GreenGeeks Hosting to do this review! This review is my personal experience
 with changing my web host over to GreenGeeks and is my opinion of them.

Hamuniverse.com was first introduced to the internet in October of 2001.
For those of you who are not familiar with Hamuniverse.com, it is a general information website that offers lots of Amateur Radio (ham radio) topics of interest to "ham radio operators" worldwide.

It started as a very small "personal website" that had out grown the bandwidth limits of a free personal website hosting service at Yahoo.com on their Geocities free hosting service which went by the wayside. I guess Yahoo did not want to give anything away anymore. Many hundreds of thousands of really good web sites are now gone forever thanks to Yahoo.
More about why I fired Yahoo later.

I made the changeover to a full dot com website with the domain name of Hamuniverse.com in late 2001 and went with Yahoo web hosting since the change would be fairly easy with them at that time since I already was set up with them for a personal web site. My domain name was registered thru them.

I stayed with the Yahoo web hosting until recently (about 12 years), until over the past year, they started making changes to the way they operated and it seemed to me that they put their paying customers last on the list when it came to making decisions about their web site hosting and changes to their email client plus, worst of all, their method of uploading files from regular FTP to FTPS! Changing over to FTPS file uploading was a major headach for me and as a long time customer that had paid them hundreds and hundreds dollars, I had no choice in the matter.
You can see how Yahoo operates in a hodge podge manner by looking at their home page.

Here at Hamuniverse.com, I had used many different software programs to make quick, minor, or major changes on the 500 plus pages here using regular FTP uploads.... UNTIL..... Yahoo decided that would no longer happen. Myself along with hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of their customers were FORCED to us FTPS. We had NO CHOICE!

That change put a tremendous work load on me! I had to change MY methods of making changes on the web site or even adding new pages due to their requirement of FTPS only! In case you may not know, many of the FTP programs will not do FTPS so you have to search for one that will.

Yahoo had also made many changes to their email system interface without once consulting their paying customers who had been using their email system for years like myself. They tried to fix something that was not broken!

Oh sure, they would warn us that the changes were coming, but again, we had no choice or "say" in the matter. It was their way or no way! In other words, they were saying between the lines that if we did not like their web hosting, then find another. That is what I did by changing over to GreenGeeks web site hosting. They seemed to not care about their customers, especially the ones like myself that had been with them for years!

There customer support took usually at least 24 hours or more for a "live" person to respond to any emails to them and their response to specific questions were usually very general if a question was involved asking for exact details, etc.

I could ask for answers to specific questions and they would just refer me to their "Help" page which was a nightmare to navigate!!!!!! Their "Help search function" was almost worthless! Their customer support people were in another world most of the time.

Over the time that I was "with" them, the website here had seen almost 28,000,000 visitors as of this writing in mid August, 2013 and not because of any help they gave! Their web site "stats" were totally inaccurate and worthless plus the fact that if one of my pages happened to not get any "hits" over a 90 day period, the counter would reset back to zero regardless of the previous totals! What a bummer! Contacting them about this problem was fruitless. All they could say was...sorry! No improvement was made with their web sites "stats" accuracy in all the time I was with them! Many of their "help" pages were written back years ago and would give inaccurate information or one page would give totally different information about the same "topic" vs another page with the same topic.

So I guess I was doing something right "on my own" with getting the number of visitors to the site here without their help, until Yahoo starting making the above mentioned changes and I just plain got "fed up" with them.

According to my research, many hundreds of thousands of their paying customers were as upset with them as I was!

So those are just some of the reasons that I made the change to GreenGeeks web site hosting and dediced to write this review.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review!
Why I really changed over to GreenGeeks web site hosting!
Note that you may see advertising for other web hosts along the sides and bottom of this page but I have checked them out also in my search for a web host for ME. Any advertising you see on this page will come from Google Adsense and I have little control as to their content. Read on to see why I chose GreenGeeks from all of the web hosting companies out there.

After becoming totally fed up with Yahoo, I made up my mind to start researching web hosts for the change from Yahoo to another web host so I spent over 2 weeks combing the internet. I looked at hundreds of "reviews" of other web hosting companies looking for the "fine print" in the reviews and all the other information other hosting companies had to offer their potential customers.

Google was my friend and I did loads of comparisons between just about every web site hosting company out there including some outside the U.S.

I spent hours each day spread out over the 2 week period looking at what each and every web host provider, including GreenGeeks, had to offer me and I kept many bookmarks active in the process.

Some reasons for using GreenGeeks as my website host!

My reason for going with GreenGeeks web hosting was NOT because they are environmentally friendly although I applaud them for this!  I was looking for a web host that offered standard FTP as my first choice of requirements in web host providers. After all I had 500 plus pages to transfer to a new web host and about 12 years worth of work on the site here that I did not want to corrupt or foul up in the process of transferring my web site files to a new host. This really worried me and the process seemed perplexing to me because I had never done this before! GreenGeeks made the process easy!

GreenGeeks uses FTP! YES!

You may say, "So what?" Most other web hosting companies use FTP but read on for more reasons why I now use GreenGeeks web hosting. These reasons are in no particular order but came to mind first as I wrote this review as you will see.

GreenGeeks customer support is FANTASTIC! GreenGeeks customer support is FANTASTIC! GreenGeeks customer support is FANTASTIC!

No, that was not a bunch of typos or a browser error...I really mean this!

GreenGeeks web site hosting customer support people went out of their way to please me with the very few questions I had during the changeover process. They have 24/7 support people just waiting to help you! With only around 100,000 customers now and growing every day, their support people are A + in my opinion and their 24/7/365 days a year support is really great when you need it.

One very important reason to host Hamuniverse.com with GreenGeeks is that they offered a free web site file transfer including email. They also offered a free for life domain registration transfer.

They migrated all of my web site files without a hitch. No lost web site files, nothing was missing. It was a 100 percent transfer by them. And I just sat back and enjoyed this freebee from GreenGeeks web hosting!

I decided to leave my present domain registration with Yahoo since it was already paid for and would not expire for another several months. I took advantage of the free domain registration that GreenGeeks offers and it went without a hitch so now I am no longer "connected" to Yahoo.

There was a minor problem with the email transfer that GreenGeeks offers. I am not talking about my email address. That went fine during the changeover! Seems that Yahoo won't let anyone transfer your accumulated emails that you have saved on their system to another hosting account. Period!
Their file system is totally unusable or not compatible with many outside hosting companies! I guess this is another Yahoo "plus" for them. Sarcasm intended!

But not all was lost. I had anticipated that this might happen with Yahoo, so I made a copy of ALL my saved emails to my computer using a program I found free before the site files transfer that I had accumulated for the past couple of years. I lost count at around 38,000 emails that I had saved or received over the time I was with Yahoo mail. I am happy that I did not loose them because of the crazy file system that Yahoo uses and that I had suspected this would happen so I did the copy of the emails before I left them!

One huge plus for me with GreenGeeks web hosting is their "Knowledge Base".

This is what other hosting companies might call their "Help" section or "Support section". The Green Geeks hosting program includes a fantastic base of information about their hosting for questions you might have and they have very clear answers and exact "how to" instructions that I found very helpful during my first few days using GreenGeeks web hosting. (This was my first hosting change....ever!) So I had lots of questions that others might not think of but found the answers in no time using the Green Geeks Knowledge base!

This GreenGeeks knowledge base is even accessible to non-GreenGeek customers by clicking on this url:
 http://kb.greengeeks.com/ Look around, you might learn a thing or two! And all free!

GreenGeeks Pricing and value for your money! 5 stars!
You may have noticed that so far I have not mentioned "price". Of course that is something you should know when purchasing any service, but believe me, price is not everything. Sometimes you get what you pay for....and sometimes you get lots MORE than what you thought you paid for!

GreenGeeks web hosting offers so much more and at much less cost than Yahoo!

Check out this page on Green Geeks and click on their "Full Feature List" button just above their "Sign Up Now" button. You will be surprised at all of the features and "extras" they offer.

Here is just a sample of their features!
 UNLIMITED Disk Space, Bandwidth & E-mail Addresses
 FREE Domain Registration or Transfer
 FREE Drag n' Drop Site Builders
 FREE Website & Website Transfer
 FREE Search Engine & Marketing Tools
 FREE Blogging, Shopping carts & over 150 free software apps 
 300 percent Environmentally friendly GREEN Hosting
 24/7/365 North American-based Technical Support (And they speak English!)
 and tons more!

So that's my review for now. I could have added much more to this GreenGeeks review but I will let you decide for yourself. Visit them here and see what they can offer you!

You just read my reveiw of GreenGeeks Web Hosting and if you read this far, you should see that Green Geeks hosting has so much to offer you and they made my hosting transfer of Hamuniverse.com over to their hosting service a real pleasure rather than a chore!

I highly recommend Green Geeks for your web site host now and in the future!
My Regards,
Don Butler - Publisher Hamuniverse.com