Hi! My name is "Elmer". I am a Ham Radio Operator!
I am here to help you with your interest in Ham Radio!

("Elmer" is a nickname or term used to describe someone that can answer lots of your Ham Radio related questions when you are starting out in Ham Radio)
That's not my real picture above, my face is too ugly to put here! 

I have been a "Ham" for a loooong time and enjoy helping people to get into Ham Radio so be patient my friend and read this entire page and I hope I can help you become a Ham too or answer your questions about this exciting "hobby"!

What is Ham Radio?
How do I get into Ham Radio?
How do I get my first Ham Radio License?
How does Ham Radio work?
Is there more than one Ham Radio license?
What can I do with Ham Radio?
Why is it called "Ham" Radio?
Where do I get the Study Materials?
Is the exam Hard? Yes, (if you don't study)
 How much does a Ham License cost? FREE
Do I have to learn Morse Code? Not since recent rule changes!
These are just some of the many questions people ask when starting out in Ham Radio and I'm sure you will have more questions too!
Most of these questions can be answered on other pages on this site.

If you already have your Technician license and have questions,
check this page first! It is loaded with information for the new ham!

Search the site, your answer may be here!

Learn more about Ham Radio here then come back to this page.

Click Here to get more information on the study materials!

If you dont' have your ham license, you will be starting out as a Technician class Ham Radio Operator after you pass the exam and due to recent rule changes, you can now use voice on a portion of 10 meters!

There, that answers lots of questions ahead of time!

"Elmer" says.....
THEN THE...COULD YOU TELL ME HOW TO.................
THEN THE... HOW DO I...................................................

If we don't know the answer, we will do our best to point you in the right direction!

Email instructions for questions:

Please, include the words "Ham Radio Question" in the subject section of your email so we can identify you as a person interested in ham radio and not another virus infected email!!!!
We get lots of them from unknown email addresses!

Guiedlines for questions:


NO CB RADIO RELATED QUESTIONS... This is Ham Radio, not CB! Find your answers online....do a search. 
If you are a CB'er, and wanting info about how to get into ham radio....you WILL get answers!
Again....no CB radio related questions!

Don't ask questions such as these...
"Will my antenna operate on 20 meters also?" What is your antenna?
"Will my receiver work on U. S. Frequencies?"
What receiver?
"Where can I get another microphone?" Search online or local ham stores.
"What is the best antenna for ham radio?"
"What is the best ham radio?"
This is a matter of opinion! What are your goals?
"I am a new ham, what bands should I operate on?
Within your license class!
"What is the best kind of tuner for my station?" Again, an opinion!

"Why is my SWR high?" I am here and you are there...think about it!
"How do I know if the other stations are hearing me?" Ask them!
"Why can't I hear the stations other stations can hear?" Propagation?
"I am not getting any contacts, can you tell me why?"
Give me info!
"My antenna is no good, can you tell me of a better one?"
Better than what?
"Why am I getting so much static, I can't hear anyone?" Mother Nature at her finest? More info please.
I just passed my technician license. However I have never even seen a ham station in operation and don't know what to buy to set up a basic station. What would you suggest?" A basic station to do what? You have lots of options!


If you are a licensed Amateur Radio Operator...let us know...
put your call sign in the email! It helps us get on your level.
Supply us with any or all information we may need to get you an answer.
Don't make us guess what you are thinking! Your questions must be clear and to the point. If you don't understand your question, neither will we!

Above all, don't ask us to do bench level repair troubleshooting of amps, (CB related items included), radios, tuners, etc over the internet. This is impossible, you are there and we are here. Best left to a local repair shop or the mfg of the equipment.

If you have a question about your radio, tuner, antenna, etc, PLEASE make sure you have read and understand everything in the manual that came with it! Always contact the mfg first if possible or a local experienced ham.

Don't ask for our opinion, recommendation, etc for ham radio equipment or antennas....we can only give you suggestions based on the information you give us pertaining to your station setup and your goals, the amount of room you have for antennas, etc. This is strictly your choice and your station!
Do your research! Get to know some local hams. Look at reviews online!

Please don't make us have to ask.......
"What in the world is this person talking about? What does he mean?"
It only wastes our time and yours with a multitude of emails.

We try very hard, but we are still perfecting the technique of reading between the lines in emails and we flunked courses in mind reading!

There is a saying in Ham Radio:
"The only thing two hams will agree upon is, the third guy is wrong."

There are times when there are more than one right answer.

Want to get started with study for your license right away?
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