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If this page loads slowly, you came to the right place for help!

This site is designed to help you with your computer memory and system performance with tips and information that will insure you that your computer memory and your system's performance is at it's optimum capabilities. 

The single most important thing you can do to speed up your total computer speed is to add more memory! Yes, a faster internet connection like DSL or cable internet service will help your browser do it's job faster, BUT....what about all of those programs that are required that are running in the background behind the browser and in your computer's operating system??? Broadband won't help them work any faster! They can only run at whatever their design limits are as required by the total memory installed on your computer!

So when those design limits are overloaded, then your hard drive "takes up the slack" seeking more temporary memory to operate the programs, which is a mechanical process! This in turn....slows down the entire process....which = much more slower total performance!!!!!!!

What if you can't get DSL or cable broadband?. Your stuck with a dialup connection usually unless you want to go to the very expensive satellite internet service.

So now your back to square one...a slow computer which is usually caused by lack of memory.

Why do you not have enough memory to start with when you bought the computer new?

That's easy to answer. Most suppliers of computers are, bottom line, wanting to sell them as fast as possible with an attractive price so they can make a profit. By only adding a bare minimum of memory in the production line, they can sell the computer with less memory at a cheaper more competetive price than the next guy who also does the same. Competition leads to more and more cutting of "costs" to maintain a certain profit level. Most new computers DO NOT come with the maximum amount of memory they can handle already installed!

So....how much memory do you need?
Another easy question more or less!
The type of software applications your running has a direct correlation to how much memory you need on your system to run them effectively and as fast as your system design will let them run. Windows by it's design, is a memory hog and will usually require lots more memory than it needs to run. Couple this with the fact that you may be running several programs at the same time or your running programs that are very graphic intensive like video downloads, or getting that automatic update in the background, etc...then all at once, more memory is required to handle all of those functions....your computer calls for more memory which is not physically installed in those empty slots and it switches back to the hard drive seeking more temporary "memory" from the space on the mechanical hard drive....which again, equals a slow down and sometimes to a crawl or major CRASH! Back to square one!
As a good general rule of thumb, you need twice the amount of memory that came installed in your new computer.

So here is your answer....if your computer came with 500 megs of ram, you need 1gb. If if came with 1gb, you need 2gb of memory...it only costs a few dollars to "max out" most computers and it's easy for most people to do.

Don't know what type of memory you need for your computer...
Another easy answer..here is how to find out....simply click on the ad banner below and let Crucial's Techonology check your computer online while you wait a few moments!
Click on the banner above. You will download a simple program that
 will tell you exactly how much memory you now have and if you can add more!

Did you know that most computers sold today are obsolete in about 6 months? This is mostly due to lack of memory to operate all of those new browser addons, plugins, software updates, antivirus programs and downloads with many required by the system maker like Microsoft and others. So the more you use your computer system, the more memory it requires!

Is your computer's memory already maxed out? If so, then you really don't have an "add memory" option. You will need to upgrade your entire computer system to one that will hold more memory and with a faster processor.

I was fortunate when I wanted to add more memory to my old backup computer, an HP that came with 64 megs of ram, (yes, you read that right)and increased it to 128megs of ram...I immediately noticed much faster operation of the total system, including much improved web page loading in internet use with a DSL connection that I already had!

On my main computer, a "fast" Compaq from the factory, I upgraded it to 2 gigs of memory with amazing speedup results.

If it's so easy to upgrade my memory, how do I get the best prices on more memory?

Simple: Just click the Critical Technology banner below and follow the easy instructions.



You will need the mfg and model of your computer. Crucial will do the rest and will ship the memory direct to you with complete instructions.  Now was that easy or what!

What tha! Still Slow!

Ok after reading all of this I know that my computer has the maximum memory already installed...why is my computer still sluggish and SLOW?

Another easy answer that is usually related to the computer system including your hard drive. Over time, and use, the hard drive becomes "corrupted" with useless data and the data that is needed to load the various programs that are crucial to it's operation becomes "scattered" all over the hard drive...this creates lots of "seek" time that the hard drive has to do before it finds what it needs....all this mechanical action = slow down. You may have installed and uninstalled many different programs to the drive, surfed hundreds of sites on the web, all of which leave behind bits and pieces of the programs or useless data...all scattered randomly over the hard drive, "getting in the way" of it's intended function. More slowdowns.

So how do I "clean up" my hard drive?
Another simple answer...download the free Eusing Registry Cleaner here
and install and run it regularly!

INSIDER Tip for faster web surfing

Your browsing speed depends on A LOT more than your connection speed.

As consumers shift into high gear with DSL and cable modems, web sites are finding new ways to dazzle their visitors. You may not have these broadband services available in your area, but as web sites compete for your attention (and dollars), they are utilizing 3D, Flash, Java, music, animated banners and interactive media to stand apart from the crowd. To display it as it was designed, your memory has to work overtime to get it all done! When it can't, then everything slows down and your page loads take forever.

Your computer has to handle everything these sites can throw at you and fast! No matter what speed your internet connection is, a computer memory upgrade can help your browser to display pages faster! That's because the more data a computer can store in RAM, the less memory it has to swap out to the hard drive. Since no drive today is a match for the speed of computer memory, your system slows to a crawl while file swapping! Your "slow connection" may actually be your browser swapping page information to your hard drive due to low memory and loading applications in the back ground, Java applets, rotating banners, Flash and Shockwave animation, streaming audio, video, and other plug-ins are a fact of life on the internet today, so a computer memory upgrade may be all you need to put that zip back into your browsing!

If memory and optimizing your present computer still won't do the job, then I recommend that you do a total computer upgrade with a faster processor, more memory and the works.

See this article translation in  the Armenian language here!