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Don's, (AE5UN) 2 Meter Extreme Dream Beam Antenna

Building the ultimate 2 meter ham radio beam antenna with local parts.

The plans that were used to build this version are the plans that I drew up for myself and other hams.  The original plans I received from another ham many years ago and redrew them for an easier to build version for my own use.  The original article was by Nick Testa, (spelling??) K6TKS, and printed in the May 1983 issue of 73 magazine. (Page 30)  It was reprinted in the December 1991 issue of Radio Fun. The copy I received was a very poor copy of that article in Radio Fun. 
I used the measurements and other information from that article and redrew the layout to use pvc and later added a fifth element.

Darren's (KG5ABL) video (YouTube video see below), is very good and complete and the plans and measurements are given at the end of the video. They are also included on this web page and when viewed in HD (720p) in the video, it is very clear and sharp. 

In the original version I built, I used aluminum ground wire from Radio Shack for the elements, but that is no longer available.  So Darren, KG5ABL, used #8 copper wire and corrected the measurements of the elements on the plans at the end of the video.

I can lay no claim to the design of this antenna.  I just used the basic layout from the 73 magazine article and redrew the plan for an easy build for me and others as seen below.-----AE5UN - Don

5 Element Full Wave Loop Beam Assembled (from video)

Video on YouTube
This video staring KG5ABL and AF5OD, shows how to build it and the parts you will need, and shows analyzer performance stats for frequency and swr.
Be sure to set the YouTube video if you watch it to play in HD format and to view the plans and parts list at the end of the video clearly or use the drawings and graphics below. (about 26 minutes)

Drawing by Don, AE5UN
(Press and hold Ctrl on your keyboard and adjust mouse wheel to zoom in or out as needed)

 Download a pdf of the drawing above 

Parts List taken from YouTube 
video of the project built by
 Darren, KG5ABL and
AF5OD, Landon.
Email Don, AE5UN for questions kb5uvm AT hotmail.com

Editor Request!
Since there are no gain, f/b specs, etc in this article,
 anyone wishing to model this antenna and send the results to me
 for addition to this article would be appreciated!
 Full credit to you of course! Email to n4ujw AT hamuniverse.com 




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