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Why should you advertise here? Simple answer...targeted ham radio viewers!

Now with extended display time at old pricing!

See "yellow" tables down the page for ordering and pricing if you are in a hurry!
We apologize if this page seems a bit long, but we want you to know exactly what you are getting when you advertise on Hamuniverse.com and with no surprises!

First and foremost, we do NOT rotate ads here! Your ad on the main antenna projects page will be seen about 500,000 times per year on average! It is always visible every time the page loads in your browser. It is never rotated with other companies! We do not rotate ads on any page on Hamuniverse.com.

We now offer text linking! See details and important announcement below!

Hamuniverse.com is a general Ham Radio Information web site tailored to ALL classes of ham radio operators worldwide. It has a targeted audience for any business (commercial or individual) dealing with ham radio, shortwave, or most any radio communications related products.  Since the year 2001, Hamuniverse.com, has received over 29 million page views and it's worldwide viewer exposure is increasing daily. Hamuniverse.com is seen and used by Amateur Radio Operators, antenna builders, shortwave radio fans, radio scanner buffs and many others interested in the world of radio communications.

Our "Antenna Projects" page alone has averaged about 1,000,000 page views per year since 2001! Your ad on the "Antenna Projects" page will be seen thousands of times per year (actually 100's of thousands) by targeted viewers!

We DO NOT rotate ads. Your ads are always visible on the page in the same location each time the visitor comes back to that page ....repeat....we do not rotate your ads with others!  
So if you expect to see your ad banner displayed on the "major" ham sites that rotate ads, every time you or anyone visits it, odds are it won't be displayed!

Comparing our site with those who rotate ads!
According to our test research, most of the other popular ham radio sites display your ad about 1 time out of 50 to 60 page loads (depending on the number of ads they share in the same space), which equals about 20,000 displays of your ad out of 1,000,000 page loads as an example.

If you were advertising on Hamuniverse.com, your ads could have been displayed.....
1,000,000, times! Said another way, if your page was seen on their site 1000 times, on Hamuniverse.com, it could have been seen 50,000 times!
What happened to those other 980,000 page views in the 1 million page view example above that were viewed by hams? Simple, your ad was not displayed! The other sites were showing another company ads and not yours! With the other major ham radio sites, your dollars are used to play Russian Roulette! Ods are that if you visit their page now, your ad will not be displayed!

If you don't have ads with other sites, do this test below.
Pick any ad banner at the top of their page, remember it, then reload your browser on that same page and count the number of times you reload the page and count the number of times you see that exact same ad. Ods are, you will get tired reloading before you see that same ad again!
Hamuniverse.com contains hundreds of pages that are linked to us by many thousands of ham radio web sites from around the world!

We have a major number of "newbies" who visit the site to get the valuable information they want and need that they can't seem to find easily on the "other" web sites.
We also have a large amount of viewers that are asking questions and getting answers, that they can't find elsewhere easily...
and they keep coming back for more!
We can be found easily by searching on Google or most popular search engines using the words, ham radio information or amateur radio information, hf antenna projects, ham radio antennas, ham radio antenna projects and many more search terms related to ham radio and radio communications.
Our main attraction is our antenna projects page along with other pages that are almost as popular.
We have projects and articles from many published authors including a full online book about basic antennas that is loaded with information and we are constantly adding new pages loaded with information for hams of all classes.

Just do a search on Google for hf antenna projects, ham radio antennas, antenna projects or most any combination of those terms and you will see that we are listed on the first page of Google results and usually within the top 1 to 5 on the results!

If a new ham or more experienced ham is looking for such things as, ham radio information, ham radio license information, hf antenna projects, 2 meter antenna projects, as search terms in Google, chances are he will find on the first page of the results with one or more result links listed that direct him to a page on Hamuniverse.com!

Contributors and authors to our antenna projects and other articles are from around the world!
So you can see that Hamuniverse.com over a period of years has grown and become very popular.
No, it does not have the numbers that eham or QRZ have, but it provides entirely different CONTENT and INFORMATION they don't have that is easy to find!
Hamuniverse.com is NOT a member only type web site. It is free to anyone, especially Amateur Radio Operators or those interested in Amateur Radio and radio communications. You will also notice that there are NO LOGINS! Hamuniverse.com is totally 100% free access to all.

If you are in the business of selling antennas, antenna supplies, ham radio equipment and related products that may be of interest to the ham radio operators or others with an interest in radio communications, you should get much more exposure to your products and services by advertising on the Hamuniverse antenna projects page along with any other ham radio related products that would be appropriate on other pages on the site! The viewers of Hamuniverse.com come here for specific information and not just to check a call sign or classified ads!

So if you are interested in putting your advertising on Hamuniverse.com to help increase YOUR exposure to more viewers and prospective customers...then read on!

Is there a best time of the year to advertise on Hamuniverse.com to reach the most ham radio viewers?
Yes, we think so! According to our web site stats based over a one year average period, the graph below will show the results.

Chart is based on an average over 10 years
Based on the above graph, you can see that our average
 page loads seem to dip in June averaged over a 10 year period.
So plan your advertising time period accordingly!
 However, most of our advertisers prefer to adverise over the entire year!

About our website page layout

This web page you are viewing is our standard format layout page that would contain advertising. Most of our pages are "layed out" almost identical to this one.
It is designed to expand in most browsers and display the most popular screen resolution, 1024 X 768, or higher and should appear the same on most browsers. 
Viewing this page in 1024 resolution and many other higher resolutions should "fill up" the entire width of the page and not just a small portion in the center. So little if any scrolling would be needed. 

Where is advertising placed on the pages here?

You should see on the top, left and right upper sides of this page, columns that normally contain the navigation section along with advertising. Your ads will appear either in the right or left side columns or at the top or bottom center of our standard pages depending on the type and size of ad space you order and the number and order in which the ads are posted by other advertisers. 

There are 4 types of "fixed" ads and placement including our NEW TEXT LINKS that we offer on Hamuniverse.com.
Remember....we DO NOT rotate your ads with others! If you want your ad seen every time some one visits the page you have an ad banner on, then this is for you here at Hamuniverse.com.

Pricing below for Antenna Projects page only. Contact us for pricing on other pages.

NOTE that all ads placements and text linking are first come, first served!
We can work with you on other banner sizes not listed below. Contact us.

#1 ad type. At or near the TOP of the page beside Logo (ORDER BELOW)

$12.50 per month - Minimum 8 months - Total $100.00 (The antenna project page has averaged about 1 million views per year)  www.hamuniverse.com/antennas.html
 Example 468x60 >

468 x 60 ad banners like example above (at top of page on the right side of the Hamuniverse logo in the "black space" OR at top (upper) center section of main page content at our discretion. First come first served.  If an ad space is already in use, yours will go under it in an appropriate location meaning that if the very top space is taken, your #1 type ad will go down in the "content" section near the top of the page at a location that blends well with the other content in that section. This text that you are reading is considered in the "content" of the page.
Ad space is NOT shared or rotated with other advertisers! We do not rotate your ad with other advertisers! Due to limited space on the "top" portion of the page, you may have to decide on a different ad type #.
Your ad must be no larger than 468 x 60 like the example above!

#2 ad type. At or near the bottom of page (ORDER BELOW)
$7.50 per month - Minimum 8 months - Total $60.00
(About 1 million ad views per year based on previous years average) This is our least expensive ad space but it's location does not have the "visibility" as the others.

Example >

Same size as 1# above. 468 x 60 ad banners like the one above located at or near the bottom of the page content. 
Ad space is NOT shared or rotated with other advertisers.

#3 Standard size fixed ad type.  Fixed Right or Left Column 125 x125 (ORDER BELOW)


125 x 125

$42.50 per month
Minimum 8 months
Total $340.00 (Other sites charge as much as $995.00/month and usually rotate them with your competors!
(The antenna project page has averaged about 1 million ad views per year)

Your ad is placed in a fixed position on the right or left side column area at or near the top of the body of the page usually before the "fold", (before the page has to be scrolled down). This placement area has been determined by Google to be the "best" location on a web page due to the way most people "read" or scan a web page from left to right!
Ad banner placement at the top of the page columns on the right or left would depend on a first come first serve basis, meaning, when the top existing ad expired, the one under it would move up to the top and the one that was in it's place would also move up. 

The #3 ad is placed in the MAXIMUM EXPOSURE AREA on the web page and according to research is the first area on the page the reader's eye sees when he starts to read the page from left to right.) Your ads will not rotated with other ads!

#4 EXPANDED ad (Our Premium best value ad space) ORDER BELOW
(Width and height, 150 X 270, expanded for greater ad content and exposure.)
This is our premium and best value ad space with maximum exposure in the best page location area.
It is placed in upper left or upper right section of the page just like the ad in the upper left corner of this page. It is not placed in the "body content" of the page.


#4 ad
Your content here!
150 x 270

$32.50 per month - Minimum 8 Months - Total $260.00
(The antenna projects page has averaged about 1 million ad views per year)

Your ad is NOT shared in a rotating basis with other companies!

This is our PREMIUM AD...MAXIMUM EXPOSURE! The most value for the dollar.
It is placed on the upper left or right most visible part of the page along with other ads.
(Left OR right column block style banner in the 150 x 270 format.

Your ad is placed on the left or right page column area with other company ads either above or below yours...sorry...no choice...first come...first served. If you are the first in line, your banner is at the top of the column.


Important notice about paid text linking between web sites!

Recently, Google PageRank has implemented a new system of ranking web sites for quality search results when using Google Search.
Most any link from one web site to another will be required to use the "nofollow" code imbeded within the link. We are required by Google to use this imbeded code within your link to your web site!

This method is used to prevent "spam" between web sites and in no way means that we do not endorse your web site or your products. 

When we use the "nofollow" code within your link, Google simply does "not follow" the link TO your web site from Hamuniverse.com. Your link still works as usual.
So all paid text linking, including links embeded within your ad banners, will include the "nofollow" code with no exceptions!

If you are not familiar with "text links or text linking", (also called contextual linking) this is really a simple an inexpensive concept for website advertising. You simply pay for the use of a word or words (keywords) found in an article on a Hamuniverse.com web page that relates directly to your website products that the reader of a page sees and clicks on to take them to your website for more information.

An example of using "text links" would be like this:

If your website products are related to "ham radio" then a text link using the words "ham radio" that is already placed within a page on Hamuniverse.com would contain an underlined and embedded link that the reader clicks on and he would be taken directly to your website!
The link would look something like the paragraph below in a sample example from a "page" on Hamuniverse.com which would be replaced with your website url:

"Many times ham radio operators tend to get into antenna building in a big way. Antenna building is a very inexpensive method of getting your station on the air and with antennas that can outperform their expectations!
They need some
test equipment such as swr meters, some coax, or ladder line, a bit of wire and of course a good hf or vhf/uhf transmitter." (Note that in the paragraph above, only the first 3 links are active for this example. They link to pages on Hamuniverse.com in this example but would point to pages on your website if you used similar key words.)

So by looking at the "blue" underlined links in the example above, you can see that in that single paragraph that there are many opportunities (ham radio, antenna building, test equipment, swr meters, coax, etc) "key words" that can be used for linking to your ham radio products on your website!

If your website is related to QSL cards, shortwave listening, antennas, ham radio supplies, kit building, or whatever its main category or product, then all you would have to do would be to place your "text link/s" within that particular page content to help your site get more traffic. As of this writing, there are hundreds of pages on Hamuniverse.com to choose from and thousands of keywords from which to choose!
If you would like to see just how this would work for your website and its products, then use this search function below to search Hamuniverse.com using your particular key words for the products you want to promote and use as keywords. Warning, the use of the word "antenna" or "ham radio" will return hundreds of pages!
Just plug your prospective key words into the search window below and click search...if your key words come up in the list of results in bold type, (see the individual page links listed) and are not already linked to another page or website, they are available to you!

index sitemap advanced

Hamuniverse.com site search by freefind

Pricing information for text linking!
Our text link pricing is based on single web pages not site wide.

Single Page Text Keywords
Maximum of 5 key word links on single page
 (Your choice of specific "unused" keywords on single page)
One Year Minimum - $100.00 - Maximum 5 links per single page 
A single "text link" is defined as one or more words next to each other pointing to your web page.
Text linking is less "busy" on a web page and tends to be used more than blinding banner ads.

Our PayPal account is    n4ujw AT hamuniverse.com     to order.....
(Remove the AT and replace with @ and close spaces)
Send an email to us explaining what you want after making payment!

Contact us via email if you have questions...same email address as above!
Keywords are first come first served.
You can not use keywords that are already "taken" by others on same page.

Note also that upon approval by us, you can add your text link/s to short sentences that you provide to us that are added to the page/s you choose that blend in (are relevant) with the existing content of the page.
In other words, a link to a web site selling house painting would not be relevent on a page that is about antennas!

Ad layout
We try to limit a maximum of 3 paid ads on the left to prevent the navigation section from being "off screen" and below the "fold" when first viewed. So if your ad is the fourth one in order as received, it may be positioned on the top right of the page column depending on sizes of others, the next ad in line is positioned in the upper right side of the page column and from that point on down the right side of the page in the order they were received. Again, first come, first served.
As other company ads expire, yours will be moved up higher on the page.
Each successive ad posted after yours will be on the right hand side under it and will be always be posted under the one above it. Again, as ads expire, yours will move closer to the top of the page regardless if it is a #3 or #4 ad type.
(See upper left navigation bar and right side on this page for an example of ad placement.)

These positions on a web page have maximum exposure for your advertising dollar!
They doe not rotate with others.
The ad remains fixed in that position and is seen with EVERY PAGE LOAD.
Many regular viewers of a web page will get accustomed to it being there and remember the location of your ad and actually LOOK for it!
This increases your "brand" exposure and usually gets the best results for your company compared to the banner ads on the top or bottom of a page.

Frequent Questions!
Why don't we "rotate" ads with other advertisers in the same ad space?
Easy answer.....We have ran many tests on other ham radio websites looking at the number of times one particular advertiser was visible on the page when it was "rotated" with other advertisers. We found after simulating multiple page loads, the ad appeared only randomly or was only visible by the reader 1 out of about 60 or 70 page loads! In other words, the other sites rotate your ad with others so yours will not be seen all the time with each page load or visit. It is NOT visible all of the time like ads on Hamuniverse.com!

So although you are paying top dollar for your ad on those larger websites, your ad is not getting displayed ALL THE TIME and you are playing Russian Roulette with your advertising dollars! Odds are that if you go to that site you are presently advertising on, you WILL NOT see your ad if it is rotated with others! Go see what I mean! How many people do you know that would just sit there reloading a page 50 times or more, just to see your ad?

Do you accept Animated ads?

Yes but read more.......
As an added note, according to many experts who have studied the long term habits of web surfers, most people tend to "turn off mentally" or ignore moving or flashing ads instantly out of the corner of their vision....in other words, anything moving on the page is considered an advertisement to many!
The static ads that have fixed content within them will be looked at more times and longer than the same size ad that has moving (animated), flashing content. This is why most people tend to look at static ads more closely than animated ads.
If you have ever visited a web page with multi moving ads, animations, flashing words, popups, animated banners, etc, it can become a very "busy" and distracting web page to your eyes and soon you get frustrated trying to find anything on it and you move on to the information on that page that is being "still" so you can look at it...or worse case...go to another web site! However, hams are always looking for new products, so as a general rule, they may look at moving ads longer than the regular non-ham visitor.
Sure, those flashy animations may get your prospective customer's attention, but not for long unless they are really interested like lots of hams are. This choice is up to you.
We do accept them!

(Remember, some of the viewers out there are on dialup connections.)
Your animated ad file size download to their web browser will usually be larger than a fixed ad, it takes longer to "load", and the viewer may miss it.)
Animated banners are accepted but they are not the most effective compared to Fixed ads.
How will my ads be linked to my web site?
All ad types above are directly linked to your site by a simple click of the mouse on your ad. If your web site is www.whateverwhavever.com as an example, that url is embedded within your ad so when the visitor clicks on your ad, he is taken directly to your web site.

If I want other size ads, can this be done?
Yes in most cases. We will be happy to work with you, sometimes additional charges may have to be made depending on the situation, web page design and your requirements. Please state the page (url) on which you would like your ad placed, the exact size in pixel width and height and exactly where on the page and the length of time you wish it to run.

Can I advertise for shorter or longer times than you have listed on your advertising page?
Yes. We can work with you in most cases. Email us with questions! See email address below.

How do I order my advertising and how do I pay for it? SEE ORDER BUTTONS BELOW. In some cases we will honor other methods of payment than listed below. Contact us. Text linking can be ordered separately..see instructions below.

Can I have a "PopUp" ad......NO!
Most web page visitors hate Popups and have their popup blockers turned on...so don't ask!

How can I track the results of my ads?
Sorry, we do not offer any tracking of your ads. Ad tracking numbers can vary greatly do to differences in tracking software between companies and web hosts. We have tried many, and no 2 different tracking methods report the same results when compared with each other on the same ad.
You can check your server or website statistics log for visitors coming from our site to yours (just look for the url http://www.hamuniverse.com/addpagenamehere.html in your stats), and of course we can not guarantee "clicks" or sales for you. Only you and your ad banners and products can do that. The number of visitors coming from Hamuniverse.com to your web site would depend on internet traffic, time of day, week, etc, which is beyond your or my control.
Remember, you are "renting ad space" not buying sales!
If you don't have a good web site statistics "counter" we recommend you try StatCounter. They do have a free plan or a more advanced premium plan. It works great as designed. www.statcounter.com. This is what we use here for our pages!


Advertising Price structure now including BARTER!
Yes you read that correctly
! See bottom of page for information!

The pricing structure below is for ads on the "Antenna Projects" page.
http://www.hamuniverse.com/antennas.html) Contact us for pricing on other pages.


#1 Banner
At or near page Top
468 X 60

#2 Banner
At or near Page Bottom
468 X 60

#3 Banner
Fixed Right or Left Column
125 X 125

Minimum 12 months
Total $100.00
Payable by PayPal

Minimum 12 months
Total $60.00
Payable by PayPal


Minimum 12 months
Total $340.00
Payable by PayPal


Our Best Value ad banner offer!

#4 Premium Expanded Banner!

Left or Right Column Page Top!
150 x 270
$65.00 per month
Minimum 4 Months
Total $260.00
Lots more ad space for less!

#4 ad
Your content here!
150 x 270


(When comparing our prices, other ham radio related sites charge as much as
per month for Fixed Ads)

(Prices effective until further notice, are subject to change, and payable in advance, using the PayPal buttons above or other method approved by us.
All ads placed on the website are non-refundable.)

Important instructions!
Immediately after you place your order above, send us your text link info, ad banner in gif or jpg format in an email to,
n4ujw@hamuniverse.com  Subject: Attention Don, Site Advertising Banner.
Please include your company name and contact person's name and email address within your email along with a copy of the ad banner or text link info you wish placed on Hamuniverse.com and confirm the type of ad, duration purchased, it's page and location expected, it's link address to your web site, and any other details you may wish to ad.

If you are ordering "text linking", then you must specify the exact page url, page title, exact location within the content of the page, what paragraph, sentence, and exact wording you wish to place your text link into. In most cases we do not allow you to change the original wording on any page on Hamuniverse.com. You can add a short sentence with your keyword/s to most any page on Hamuniverse.com as long at it is relevent to the page content and makes "sense". The sentence you just read is considered a "short" sentence. No paragraphs unless approved by us and arrangements are made as far as pricing. Remember, you are buying "space" on a web page. 
We will in turn, confirm your order, check for accuracy, and give you the details of when the ad will be placed on the web site via a return email.
 Remember that we can not do anything without your received ad and your paid order unless you have questions.

As you can guess, there is only enough "room" on a web page for a certain number of ads without destroying the page layout and its content and it would be nothing but a page of ads.
We will make every effort to place your ads, (depending on ad type), "above the fold", which in web terminology, means along the edges (left and right columns), that are visible before the page is scrolled down upon first loading in the browser. This of course will vary depending on the page resolution the viewer is using which is beyond our control and depending on the number of ads on a page, this may sometimes not be possible. Text ads can be placed just about anywhere on the web pages except in the navigation links, or other ads.
If you have more questions please email us at:

n4ujw at hamuniverse.com

Bartering Definition

BARTERING is a system of trading goods and / or services for advertising time or space on our web pages.
For example, a hotel might trade-out the value of one or two nights' stay to a newspaper in return for the same value in advertising space.
Bartering is the trade of goods or services of monetary value from one enterprise to another, without the transfer of payments. Many internet businesses are trading their products and services, to avoid payments and / or to stimulate demand, at the early stages of their life cycle. This has also become common practice for the trade of banner advertisements on the internet for products of equal value. Barter exchange enables small advertisers with limited budgets to exchange their products and service for advertising space, but large enterprises are also involved in this practice.

Bartering was the means of exchange between traders and customers in markets, before money was developed, so is closely associated with very early market development! In the early model, money was developed to make markets more liquid, with the internet, bartering is used due to the lack of liquidity of many internet businesses

Interested? Read on.....

Trade your products or services for advertising space including text ads on Hamuniverse.com!
You read that correctly!

If your advertising budget is too "short" or maxed out with too much month left at the end of your advertising dollar, and you have products and / or services to spare, then we offer an excellent method of "payment" in exchange for advertising space on Hamuniverse.com that should make everyone happy!

Here is how it works!
You and I, will simply come up with an estimated "value" in dollars for your product or service in payment (trade), for our advertising space or text links for your ad! Simple as that. No money is exchanged, only our ad space in trade for your product or service.
If we have more direct access to your products using this barter method, this will help us to form our own opinion of your products rather than doing the time consuming research we would ordinarily do. Due to the popularity of Hamuniverse.com, we get many emails from all classes of hams wanting our recommendations on everything from antennas to radios and other related ham radio equipment so if we have personal experience with a product using the barter method, we are very likely to recommend it if we like it. 

After we reach a fair trade amount agreement for your product of service in trade for ad space or text link, you simply ship it to me at no cost to me for the product or shipping, then I place your ad on the page or pages on Haminiverse.com for the length of time we agreed upon in an email. The email confirming the agreement would be the "agreement" between you and me, Don Butler, N4UJW, Hamuniverse.com. Once your product arrives at my location, your ad will be immediately posted on the site within a very short period.
An Example: You would like a Fixed ad on the Antenna Projects page running for the standard period. This would normally be priced at $340.00 for the ad space. You have an Icom IC-V8000 new in the box and your normal selling price is $200.00. You throw in another product (as close as you can get), that totals $140.00 at your selling price to come close to $340.00 for trade for the ad space....You contact me telling me what you want to "trade"....I agree in an email, you send the product/s to me, you pay the shipping, and you get your ad! No money changes hands. Since you are probably a dealer, you come out on the best end of the deal due to YOUR COST in the product/s! This type of "payment" gets you the exposure on Hamuniverse.com and allows us to get a bit more "hands on" experience with your products. No used or "returned" products accepted. Must be new in the factory packaging. However, we can bend the "rules" from time to time, our choice, depending on what you have to trade and our agreement!
Another example: You would like to have an ad Banner which is priced at $60.00 for the ad. You realize you have a couple of 4:1 baluns or an antenna that about equals our ad price with YOUR SELLING price. Let us know what you have...

Getting your ad on Hamuniverse.com may be easier than you think!

Contact me, (Don Butler, N4UJW), at
n4ujw at hamuniverse.com if you wish to do some "tradin". We can work with you using the "barter" system to both of our advantages!
We will do everything within our power to please!
Hamuniverse.com reserves the right to refuse advertising from any source and prices are subject to change.
Prices effective 12-2013


#3 Ad

125 x 125

#3 Ad

125 x 125

#3 Ad

125 x 125

#3 Ad

125 x 125

#3 Ad

125 x 125