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[Ad Blocked]
By Don Butler, N4UJW

AD blockers block advertising
 that helps to keep a free web site FREE!
You are viewing this page on a free web site!

Ad blockers have been around for some time now and if you are using one, you just missed out on a totally free giveaway from a major ham radio equipment supplier to all ham radio operators!
As a special promotion to all hams, they are giving away to every licensed ham in the U.S. You would have seen an ad at the top of this page telling you just how to get your "free prize"!!!!!!

Your use of ad blocking did it's job and blocked the "information" (advertising), that would have "showed you" how to get your free "stuff". It could have been money, a new transceiver, antenna, huge discounts, etc! But you will never know what it was due to the use of ad blocking!
You just lost out due to your choice of using ad blocking!!
Well, that is stretching the truth a bit but I just wanted to prove a point.

There is no ad at the top of this page giving away anything. However if you WERE using an ad blocker, most likely any advertising on this page would not have been seen by you or any one using ad blocking. If Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu or any other mfg was giving a 50% off on a new whiz bang radio, you would not have known about it due to the use of ad blocking!
You wanted to block advertising on web sites so you turned on ad blocking and blocked "information" that could have been very valuable to you if an actual ad had been blocked such as giveaways we have had on Hamuniverse.com and other web sites that have giveaways from time to time and I know that you like "free stuff" like most of us do.

Advertising is what makes the world go around. Advertising is everywhere! Radio, TV, billboards, signs, on store front windows, business cards, on your phone, on product containers, yard sales signs, in your mail box, on the internet, and even on the cloths you wear! Check your boxers or your shirt collar, see that little tag with the brand name. That is advertising! It's all around you.

Advertisers pay good money to promote there products so you and I can have a choice. Without choices and good advertising information, there is no need for advertising information and promotion. What a world that would be to live in. You and I would have....NO CHOICES!

But since you have choices from information you learn from ADVERTISING in one form or another in the past, you made the decision to block those choices with advertising on the internet using an ad blocker so you could get the free information you wanted from a web site and then go about your daily life quickly.

Your choice of using an ad blocker was YOUR CHOICE and you certainly do have a choice like everyone. Your choice was to NOT see advertising which is "information" whether it be good or bad or obtrusive. Without good information and intelligent choices, what is left? 

Ad blockers and specifically "AD BLOCKER PLUS" is the most popular of all of the ad blockers out there.

We do understand why you use them. You use ad blockers to help remove all of those very obtrusive ads that block content in videos, streaming movies, web pages, ham radio web sites like eham.net, QRZ.com, ARRL, Contesting.com, news sites like CNN, Fox News, CBS, NBC, ABC, and much of the billions of internet web pages on free web sites that you visit on a daily basis. Where do you think the money comes from to operate those sites.....advertising. No advertising, no site!

If you have visited the Yahoo home page lately, you can at times see about 1/3rd of your browser taken up by latest movie release ads, moving 'ads' crawling their way all around your screen, and promotional advertising of all kinds. And to top it off, you can't stop many of them on some sites without using ad blockers!

That is what I call VERY OBTRUSIVE advertising! Another example..You see an article you want to read on a web site, but just when you get started, a POPUP, covers it up and you either have to read IT, or now you have to close it so you can continue reading! Sometimes when you do close it, another popup takes its place! VERY OBTRUSIVE. Don't throw your computer out the door, it is the web site your viewing that is doing this to 'GET YOUR ATTENTION'.

Sure, you may have an option of 'Closing' the ad or popup, but you were in a hurry and this stupid POPUP slowed you down! (You won't see popups on Hamuniverse.com by the way!) I HATE THEM!)

Advertising on the pages of Hamuniverse.com, with rare exception, could be seen on the top, sides and bottom of most web pages like this one. If you care to, look on the right and left side of this web page. If you see them, and they interest you, go ahead and look and if you are interested, click on them. You just helped support this free site! They are usually not in the content within articles unless they enhance the article for linking to other ham sites with good quality information or products of interest to most hams. Most are in the form of text links and non-intrusive.
Conclusion! Yours and mine....
Maybe I have "proven my point" so far with this short article about using ad blockers so I won't make this article much longer, but I just wanted you to know that advertising on Hamuniverse.com is NON INTRUSIVE. It helps to keep this page and the others here free, without membership "dues", pay to view, log in, etc. I put literally thousands of hours into Hamuniverse.com over a years time...all at no charge to you...free labor...so all I ask of you is to click on the ads if you are interested and help keep this ham radio information site free!

You may see many ad banners taking up space on the main content portion of one or 2 pages here on Hamunivese.com before you get to the actual "content" of the page, and also ads on the sides of pages like this one but it is these non intrusive ads that keep this site free.
On our main antenna projects page, we have a "jump to section" near the top of the page center "content" area that will take you directly to the antenna project listings BUT, you may miss something that the "jump to section" misses...much like an ad blocker that is turned on!!!

The revenue that the advertising on Hamuniverse.com generates from time to time gives me, the owner, of this web site a CHOICE and the incentive to help keep it...

So what am I saying?

Please turn off ad blocking on Hamuniverse.com and other ham radio web sites
 to help keep them FREE also...YOUR CHOICE!

For those of you who still chose to use ad blockers on Hamuniverse.com,
 please donate a small amount to help us keep it free!

 PayPal to n4ujw at hamuniverse.com

Hamuniverse.com was built by a ham for hams!

I hope you enjoy it.....for FREE!

73 N4UJW