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Web Page Accessibility for the Vision Impaired
Tips and tricks for better web page viewing!
If you are having trouble viewing pages on the internet due to vision problems, then here are some tips and tricks that may help.

These tips for better viewing of web pages for vision impaired people are for those using Windows Internet Explorer.

This page also contains some other replacement browsers that can help if you have vision problems with web pages at the bottom of the page.

How big letters look on your screen depends on the way your computer is set up, how big your computer screen is, how your software is set up, etc.

In many web browsers you can easily change the font (Text) size, but in Internet Explorer you may need to change a setting if you want to enlarge the text. In other words, you need to learn more about your computer and your browser! Read on and learn more about how to make your computer work for you.

If you are using Internet Explorer, please follow these instructions and you will be able to change the print (text) size on your screen and if you have a problem, get someone with good eyesight to help you.

  • Click the "Tools" menu:


  • Select "Internet Options...":


  • Click the "Accessibility..." button (near the bottom on the right):


  • Make sure the box "Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages" is checked:

  • Once you make this change in your browser settings, you can go into the View menu in Internet Explorer, click Text Size and then select whichever size you like.

     National Institutes of Health


Just click your choice below:

FIREFOX      http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/

OPERA        http://www.opera.com/

ACOO          http://www.acoobrowser.com/

MAXTHON   http://www.maxthon.com/download.htm

More tips'

Change your screen resoultion to a larger pixel number.

If you are using 1024 then set it to 800.

Here is how to do it with Windows:

Click Start (lower left of your screen)
Go to Settings then click on Control Panel
Look for the Display Icon or wording....double click it.
On Display Properties menu...click Settings,
Look for Screen Resolution and set for lowest setting, usually 800 x 600.

Click "OK"...your screen should go black, then come back up with the new resolution setting in use.

If you don't like this setting go back and experiment with others if you have them.

Now when you use the Internet Explorer browser on the web, just click on "View" at top of browser, a menu will come up...Select Text size range....

Internet Explorer Version 7 Tips:

Look down in the bottom right corner of your screen for the little area that says "100%"....try clicking it to adjust your screen magnification.....it will help!
Also use the "View" "Text Size" adjustment at the top of your browser as in the hints earlier in this article.....enjoy!
If all of this is way too complicated for you...just get someone to help!

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