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Very Old Ham Radio Towers and Antenna Photos
Take a Trip Back in Time!

The old photos on this page were taken by Herbert G. Johnson, W6QKI, SK
 Founder of Swan and Atlas Radio and were taken in the years between 1950 and 1960!

These old photos of the towers and antennas were submitted by his grandaughter
 to share with all hams worldwide who may enjoy taking a trip back in time with us!

About him.....
Herbert G. Johnson, W6QKI founded Swan
Engineering. Johnson built the first ten largely vacuum tube type design single sideband (SSB) transceivers in a garage in Benson, Arizona in 1960 -1961. The more expensive Collins KWM-2 was the only other competing transceiver at the time. The operation moved to Oceanside California where, at one point, more than 400 radios per month were being manufactured, and some estimates say that more than 80,000 transceivers were sold during the company's lifetime.

Swan merged with Cubic Corporation in 1967, and Johnson managed Swan as its subsidiary until 1973. Johnson founded Atlas Radio in 1974. Atlas produced smaller solid state radios for mobile communications from vehicles of all types. Many of his radios were used on expeditions world wide by various explorers to the far reaches of the earth due to there ruggedness and quality.

Many Swan and Atlas radios remain in service today, restored and operated by vintage amateur radio enthusiasts. One of his radios is on display at the Smithsonian that was used by Thor Heyerdahl. He was a world-renowned explorer and archaeologist. (Edited for content from Wikipedia)
Read the full article about W6QKI and his history, radio companies, Swan and Atlas Radio from Wikipedia.

The photos below, all taken by W6QKI, Herbert G. Johnson, were all black and white
 and are enhanced for viewing on this web page.
 There were other photos in the collection, but these are the best of them. 
The yellow tint was removed making them true black and white.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3 (note the date of the photo on the right side - May 1956)
 Photo above appears to be a different installation than other pictures on this page.

Pic 4

Pic 5

There are no details about the types of towers, location, types of antennas or who they belonged to so if any of you seeing this page knows anything about the owner, types of towers, or antennas description, so please email me if you have further details. Please reference the picture number or location on this page in your emails

Upon very close examination and enlargement, except for Pic 3, the antenna array appears to be 4 stacks of 2 each 13 element VHF???? horizontal Yagis' for a total of 8 in all on the tower.
The driven elements appear to be a folded dipole arrangement. 

Email n4ujw AT hamuniverse.com    (any details, if you are certain, would be appreciated)

Our many thanks to his grandaughter for sharing them with us. Her identity is being kept private by request....... 73 - N4UJW



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