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W4JBM's Tuna Tin 2

The Tuna Tin 2 was originally described by Doug DeMaw (W1FB/SK) back in 1976 in QST magazine. The idea was a simple radio that could be built with parts found at your local Radio Shack store. It was recently updated as part of NorCal's Back to the Future series of projects. Although the revised version uses parts not available at Radio Shack, it's still a fun project and a piece of nostalgia.

The kit went together easy and works as described. The only change I made was to install a machined pins socket in place of the crystal. Since I spend most of my time in the old novice segments, this lets me plug in either a 7.122 MHz or a 7.040 MHz crystal.

I made the label using a computer drafting program. I used regular glue to hold it to the tin. On later projects I've used card stock to print labels. Live and learn...

I do suggest thoroughly reading the manual before building the radio. There were a couple of things I 'discovered' only to find them already in the instructions when I took the time to read them.


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