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W4JBM's P-Box Regen Kit Page

How many kids growing up in the late 1960s and early 1970s got their first taste of electronics buy building one of the p-box kits from their local Radio Shack store? And how many shortwave listeners got their start with the simple p-box regen receiver kit?


Kit Insert

A scan of the insert from the kit. (Thanks to W4APD)

I received the kit as a present from my parents on my fourtenth birthday. After a few hours with a soldering iron, I was listening to the world!


My first QSL card...

My first QSL card for a station I snagged using the regen and about twenty feet of wire strung around my bedroom. Reception was on July 30, 1977 on the 16 meter band from a transmitter site in North Carolina.


I want to thank Adie (W4APD) for letting me scan the box insert for this kit. I lose things more than a couple of weeks old, but he managed to keep track of this for several decades...


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