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I've always got a couple of projects going and ideas for things I want to do next. I've put together these project pages for a couple of reasons. First, we all like to show off some of the projects we're proud of. Second, I hope that some of the information will encourage you to undertake your own projects--these projects were fun and I hope that comes through as much as the technical information. And finally, if you're thinking about building something along the lines of one of these project I hope that sharing some of the knowledge I've gained in the college of hard knocks makes it easier for you.

So here they are!


My K1EL keyer and NorCal Balanced Line Tuner are both complete. They work and look slick, but I haven't had time to put together a page on them. I'm about half-way through building a 40 meter MOuSeFET Transmitter (from QRP Classics) and after that I'm building an Electroluminous Receiver. Somewhere in there I still need to finish my Ten-Tec 6 meter transverter kit and tune-up my Heathkit SW-717.


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