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During the Fall of 2005 I was browsing the isles at a local hamfest. Around lunch time I was wondering through the tailgate area and spotted a Kenwood R-300 receiver. I remember looking at these back in the late-1970s. It was from the estate of an SK (silent key, a deceased ham radio operator). I made an offer and a few minutes later I walked off with the rig tucked under my arm.

The only issue with the radio was that some batteries had been left in the battery compartment on the radio's belly. These had corroded, the battery holder was trash, and the bottom needed a bit of touch-up paint. The first time I powered it up, it didn't work very good but after cleaning the switch bank and the controls with high-quality contact cleaner it came to life.

Over the years I've owned and tinkered with a lot of general coverage receivers, but this is my favorite this style. The ones that convert to fixed 1 MHz or 500 kHz bands (like the Yaesu FRG-7 and the Allied SX-190) are sometimes better. Most lower-end receivers tend to 'crowd' the bands at higher frequencies (this has to do with the mathematics of resonance).

After several weeks of playing with this this, it definitely rates as a keeper. I'll pull together more info on it as I can.


I've started a Kenwood R-300 mailing list/group out on Yahoo! that you might want to join.

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