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The Alinco DJ-195T is reasonably priced 2 meter HT. I bought mine on sale at after passing my Technician exam and I'm very happy with it. I wanted to share some of the information and links I've found related to this radio.

To start with, for full details and specs, you can check out Alinco's DJ-195 Page. Some of the things I like and don't like about this radio include:

Pros: Cons:

When I was choosing a radio, I focused on what I'd really use it for. I didn't think I'd do much chatting on the repeaters (but it turns out I do more than I thought I would, which is okay). I wanted a radio that would be good during disasters or emergencies, so solid construction and full power were important. I wanted something I could take with me when I travel, so the ease of programming (with a real keyboard) and good batter life were a plus. I looked at some dual-band radios, but I decided I'd rather have a solid 2 meter rig than a compromise dual-band rig. And while I didn't want something big and heavy, I don't carry my HT with me often enough to worry about getting something micro-sized. I haven't regretted my choice of the 195.

I wouldn't want to be stuck with less than a watt of power if I really needed to get out. I can reliably get into two repeaters with 500 milliwatts and the ducky. But five watts and a make-shift dipole can get me into eight or more repeaters.

My 195 came with the alkaline battery holder. I can load in six AA batteries and I'm in business! Nice to have in real emergencies or if I take it on a business trip (I can buy batteries if I need to instead of dragging a charger along).

I looked around for the best way to add a rechargeable battery and settled on the EBP-48H (1,500 mAH, 9.6 volt, NiMH) from Batteries America. I wasn't disappointed--good price, fast delivery, and quality product. I highly recommend them.



Start at Alinco's DJ-195 Page

For a rechargeable battery check out the EBP-48H (1,500 mAH, 9.6 volt, NiMH) from Batteries America

You can find additional DJ-195T user reviews at

Information on DJ-195 mods (and a lot of other radios) is available at

Another resource of interest is the Alinco mailing list at


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