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HF Shortwave Broadcast Stations
 Transmitting from the U.S. to Other Countries

There are many shortwave stations transmitting on hf frequencies from the U.S. to other countries that are on the air on the shortwave bands. This list of shortwave broadcast stations transmitting from the U.S. was compiled from FCC records and includes only "active", on the air, shortwave broadcasting stations.

There are many shortwave broadcast stations that have applied for construction permits but they are not listed here. This list could change in the future and is believed to be accurate at the time of this writing on March-2014.

Many of the shortwave broadcasters listed below have religious, faith or other content suitable for listeners of other countries.

If you live near them, you may be able to receive them on most any shortwave radio receiver depending on their broadcast schedules and the time of day at your location.
However, keep in mind that they "beam" their signals to other countries and schedule their transmissions to be received during the most popular listening times in those countries and are not intended to have their main listening audience in the U.S..
They may also be transmitting only in a foreign language at the time you may hear them.

When using the list of stations below, click on the "more info" links to find out more about them and their content and broadcasting schedules.
Click on "Map" beside each listing for nearest city location to them on a map.

FCC Authorized HF Shortwave Broadcast Stations Transmitting from the U.S.

  • KJES  Vado, NM more info   Map
  • KNLS  Anchor Point, AK more info   Map
  • KVOH  Rancho Simi, CA more info   Map
  • WBCQ  Monticello, ME more info   Map
  • WEWN  Vandiver, AL more info  Map 
  • WHRI  Furman, SC more info   Map
  • WINB  Red Lion, PA more info   Map
  • WMLK  Bethel, PA more info   Map
  • WRMI  Miami, FL more info   Map
  • WRNO  New Orleans, LA more info   Map
  • WTJC  Newport, NC Limited info on Google   Map
  • WWCR  Nashville, TN more info   Map
  • WWRB  Morrison, TN more info   Map
  • WYFR  Okeechobee, FL more info  Map
  • VOICE OF AMERICA (not required by the FCC to have a call sign) but they are
    a major power house in the shortwave bands transmitting from the U.S. to other
    Main transmitter site>>>>
    more info   Map

    Notes...Most shortwave broadcasters use UTC time format which is a "universal time" world wide. You may have to convert from UTC to your time zone.

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