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Ham Radio Reviews - SWR & Watt meters (Power/swr meters)


Mfg and model # = Transel 559/54 (Model # uncertain)
Name = Don, Gun Barrel City, TX
Call = N4UJW
Category type = SWR & Watt meters (Power/swr meters) single or combos, all bands.
Rating = 5 Excellent
Time owned = At least 30 years!
Purchased new or used? = New

Comments = This is an swr/power meter that I purchased many years ago new, made by the Transel Corporation for use on the 11 meter band but covers the entire hf ham band spectrum.
Covers 20/200/2000 watts in 3 meter ranges and has average and peak readings.
It also has a handy "percentage of reflected power" scale along with the standard swr ratio.
I must admit I have tortured this meter over the years!
I have pegged (literally banged) the analog meter movement in it to the peg many times with no damage.

It seems to be very rugged and well designed and has stood by me without failure for all these years.
If you can find one on the used market, I would certainly recommend that you get it.
Although I don't know how accurate it is, seems to be well within expected limitations of a meter designed over 30 years ago.

73 Don
n4ujw at Hamuniverse.com


Brand and Model number*: Transel 11B swr/Watt Meter
Your first name*: Charlie
Call Sign*: wa4qql
Type of equipment reveiwed- Be specific! Example Yaesu FT-107 Hf transceiver, Hustler 4btv vertical antenna*: Transel 11B swr/Watt Meter
Your overall rating (5 is excellent, 1 is poor)*: 5
Enter time owned or used, years/months*: 1.4 years
Purchased new or used*: Used
Comments about the equipment in your own words*: It is a very good meter. Aginst a bird it is dead on up to 1500 watts. I like the slow but sure needle movement instead of the instant herky jerky movement of most other meters. I would buy it again but you can't have mine!!
Your email address*: charles.ellwood AT yahoo.com

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