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 The "Secrets" to my WebSite Success

In other words, I am very busy due to using the contents in this report!

ABC's How To Get Higher Website Ratings or Rank On The Search Engines

by Webmaster and owner, Don Butler of
The "Nut" behind the keyboard!

This report, written in 2003, and the information it contains is designed for the small to medium size website or web page and for those who would like to increase their site or web page ranking on the search engines such as, just for the fun of it or for other reasons
without paying a search engine to get listed.

Although you may think that since it was written many years ago, it is outdated. That is NOT the case! The information in this report is JUST as accurate as it was years ago!! The information can be applied to personal web sites or commercial enterprises or anywhere in between..
This report is not intended as an endorsement of Google but in my humble uncompensated opinion, it's the best
! Nuff said!
Yes, a lot of the tips, tricks and techniques in this report can be learned on your own over a period of months and months of research, and trial and error like I did, but by getting this report and following what it teaches, you will have saved all of your valuable time and in the process, you can get your page or web site better positioning on the search results page like I did without paying them to get higher ratings
It works for me without paying a dime to get listed for higher ranking!

Read on....don't go away yet!

You are viewing this page on my web site at
My website content is about Amateur (Ham) Radio in general and covers lots of free information related to Amateur Radio.

The site was not intended to be a "Commercial" web site selling products for a profit.....just good free information for my Amateur Radio friends worldwide!
The very, very limited amount of "income" this site generates from the "affiliate advertising" you see on certain pages is used to help pay the overhead, the rest comes out of my pocket!  I take no salary and derive little income from this site. This is a hobby for me! It started out as one page hobby site on with their free service on in October of 2000.
The web address was
Links to it still exist on the search engines as I write this, and a few pages from it still exist on this site and you will be transferred to when you click the links on them.

After a while, I started adding more pages and content related to Amateur Radio and I learned the tips and tricks of the trade gradually on my own for getting the pages listed higher and higher in the search engine rankings. After getting too many "hits" for the free service and having the site shut down for short periods due to heavy traffic, I was forced to go DOT.COM to get more bandwidth and server space and using the same things I had learned then, the site is now with over 600 pages and as of this updated writing, July 8, 2014, has had over 31,000,000 views and counting!

The simple bar graph above shows a record of visits to the site starting in January of 2004 and continues thru December, 2010. A close look at it shows that what I was gradually learning was taking effect and then shortly after Christmas of 2002
, (not shown on chart),
I applied all of these simple tips and tricks to the steps of the search engine ladder and very shortly the visits started going thru the roof!

The Facts!
In the early part of January, 2002, I had an Amateur Radio friend contact me about the popularity of my web site. He could not believe how well the site was doing on the internet from looking at the "hit counter" on a couple of pages. He asked me how I did it and I simply told him that I had learned many tips, tricks and techniques thru much study, trial and error and practice and all I did was apply them to the site. His reply was, "Man, why don't you write a book? You could make a bundle."

Well, I never did write that book but continued applying those same valuable tips and tricks to the site, but I kept it in mind for a later project way down the road. Meanwhile the hits kept coming by leaps and bounds!

Now as a result of applying what I have learned...... the important pages on the site usually come up
on the first page of Google or MSN LIVE SEARCH (now Bing), and Yahoo as number one or very near the top of the results on them or other search engines.
In case you don't know, Google is the internet's foremost and most popular search engine
and is used by other search engines as a reference for their database. I did not pay one red cent to get listed on ANY of the search engines. I can't afford it!
You can find my antenna design page right now on just about ANY search engine or Google by typing in these search terms...
ham radio antenna projects, antenna design plans or ham radio antenna design plans. Now try them and see!
My rankings do change from time to time but I consistantly stay on the first page of search results in the top 10 of results. Many times you will see the listing as NUMBER ONE!

I can not assure you that your hits and ratings will climb as fast as mine have, but since I started using all these things that I had learned near the end of 2002, my hit count went sky high!
This could easily happen to you, using these tips and tricks that work for me!
I use them constantly. This report can help you do it too!
You don't have much to "loose", but lots to gain! And.....just in case you're a little uneasy about dealing with me, a total stranger, here is a bit of info you can use to check me out!

My Amateur Radio call sign is N4UJW, the name is Donald I. Butler. I am licensed by the Federal Communications Commission, Washington, D. C. to operate my ham radio station. All of my personal data is available to the public on their web site including my address! Just do a search for my call sign on the FCC web site using my call sign, N4UJW.
Now would I tell you where I live if I were a scam artist?
You will find that the exact same address listed there on their database matches my address that follows below!

I took part of my friends advice but did not write that book.
I am offering this "Secrets Report" information containing the tips and tricks that I have learned to build my one page personal site into an internationally listed and very popular Amateur Radio web site linked to from around the world at a ridiculous price of only $29.95 U.S. per copy in a pdf file type report readable by any pdf reader like Adobe and you will get it via email usually the same day we receive your order.

The report contains 31 pages (in pdf form) using actual web page browser illustrations and example searches using Google search to show you the IMPORTANT parts of a web page and the proper way to use them when designing your web site to help you understand how best to optimize them for the search engine results without paying for them.
I have been told that I am crazy for offering this knowledge at this ultra cheap price when others sell books, Cd's and lots of other hard bound literature for hundreds of dollars filled with advertising hype and links to sites that only give you bits and pieces of the information you need and don't forget those "membership fees" on the internet and all those published books and consultant fees.
Some people pay hundreds and even thousands for a Webmaster that is good at designing and building gorgious flashy websites, but has no idea about how to get it ranked higher on search engines!

Still skeptical? Try this test below:

We will be using the words getting higher web site ratings as our search terms.

Notice that the word web site has been split into 2 words rather than the proper; "website" (one word), terminology.
Click here for and follow the instructions below.
Type in "getting higher web site ratings" without the quotation marks.

Chances are you should see this page that you are reading now listed on the first page of Google's search results among over 405,000,000 listings as of July 08, 2014!
You may also notice that Google says on the first line of the results,

"Did you mean: getting higher website ratings" but usually shows this page as the first result or very near the top of the listings! 

Don't be surprised if it is in the number one position on the list!
The url for this page is
To narrow the results down further, try typing into Google search like this:

"getting higher web site ratings"
(use the quotes for exact results)
You will see fewer results in the number of sites shown.
You should see this page on the list results in the link information on the Google.

Also try the same search terms  getting higher web site ratings  on the 
MSN LIVE SEARCH ( engine OR Yahoo search.
Just click on my link on their page of results to come back here,
and continue where you left off.

This report is not a long drawn out book full of html jargon, technical "stuff", code and jibber jabber,  just good plain English in black and white using a few illustrations in an email you will get with a pdf file attached..

It has been written by me so it is easy to read and understand by anyone starting out on the internet or who has a some experience under his belt.

It is not intended nor designed to teach you html or any other "language" used to build and design a web site nor is it intended to teach you how to use your software for building a web page.
It's just full of tips and tricks that I have learned the hard way without paying hard earned money over time that can be used by anyone who wants their web page or web site to get found easier and with higher ranking on the search engines.

The tips and tricks included in the report will certainly help get you started climbing the search engine ladder I did!
Will you take that first step on the ladder to being found better on the web?

A note from your!
I don't expect to distribute 100,000 of these reports due to lots of skeptics out there, but if I do, I'll be a millionaire and then I can afford to pay to get listed in Google AND all the other search engines,........
but WAIT!........
Why would I want to do that....... when I'm already there and FOR FREE!

Ordering details here and a freebe or 2!
Sorry, all orders are sent by email only!
If you order the report I'll include a free look at your home page or one page you specify and give you my simple "learned" opinion of what it will take to help improve it for the search engines but the "secrets" report will be more detailed with instructions for you to follow to help you increase your ratings on the search engines!
I most likely won't tell you how beautiful it engines don't look for beauty and razzle dazzle sites!
They look for "content" related to the searches. (You just got your first tip.....FREE)

Order the report and then immediately send me an email with your web site home page address or ONE page you want me to review. Along with the email, let me know the EXACT email address where you want the report sent.
Email addresses are case, CASE, sensitive.

Once I get the confirmation of your order from PayPal that you have paid the $29.95 for the report, I will send you the report to your email address as an attachment and then review your page as quickly as possible and send you my opinion and some tips to get you started in getting higher rankings on the search engines.
Don't forget to send me the correct web url address of your single web page so I can take a look and start you on your way!

Now get the report emailed to you!
Please follow these simple instructions carefully!
Order via my Email address using PayPal. (Order is emailed to email address reported by PayPal or the email address you specify in a separate email to me!) I need to know which one is correct.
You may have it sent to any email address, BUT, you must immediately send me an email after you place your order giving me the correct email address otherwise, your order will be sent to the email address reported by PayPal!

The report and this web page is:
[Copyrighted  N4UJW @]

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