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Ham Radio Equipment and Product Reviews
Receive Accessories (pre-amps, noise cancelling devices, etc)
Brand and Model number*: MFJ-1026 Deluxe Noise Cancelling Enhancer
Your first name*: Jay
Call Sign*: N4NUI
Type of equipment reveiwed- Be specific! Example Yaesu FT-107 Hf transceiver, Hustler 4btv vertical antenna*: Noise Cancelling Device
Your overall rating (5 is excellent, 1 is poor)*: 4
Enter time owned or used, years/months*: 1-MO
Purchased new or used*: New
Comments about the equipment in your own words*: I live in a very RFI rich environment. The MFJ-1026 works well with a sensing antenna close to the size of your main antenna and okay with a compromise antenna as long as the noise signal is about the same strentgh on both antennas. The unit does a good job of nulling out a very broad noise at my QTH on 20m. The telescoping antenna on the unit is very marginal unless the noise source is very close. The only gripe is that it is advertised as having a built-in T/R switch - which it does. But, there are a couple places in the manual that warn you to use a T/R connection between the rig and the unit. Why advertise without the warning also. In my opinion they know of a weak point in the design and want the buyer to compensate for that after the sale.
Your email address*: N4NUI AT mindspring.com

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