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Tower-Party Safety
by N6JSX

by N6JSX /8      04/2012

The ultimate achievement, the status flag, the pinnacle of being a HAM is when you operate from your own tower. Whether the tower is to raise the apex of a HF inverted V, obtaining increased repeater/ATV distance, or optimize HF beam antenna height - height will improve your ability to make contacts.

This article is not about lightening nor grounding, this article is about YOU a HAM that has little to NO background in tower climbing or antenna installing - the classic out-of-shape nerd that thinks he can do anything and will try to prove it. But all too soon you will learn the perils of heights when hanging from the tower for needless hours while attempting to install a tower section, antenna, rotor, or other items to discover you're missing a part or tool. Then the ground crew is sent scurrying about seeking what is needed to make the tower-party evolution a success while you hang aloft -- is that SAFE?

When it comes to having a successful tower-working-party, it is ALL in the planning, planning of each mundane detail with contingencies, alternatives, or enough information to call a delay until all is right! The number one goal to ALL tower-parties is to achieve SAFE success. The tower owner will lead or designate a leader that needs to create a written tower-party PLAN (a script) for all in the tower-party to reference. Write the PLAN like a choreographed NASA step-by-step space mission.

In the PLAN, do not bite off more than you can chew -- plan to complete only one task per tower-party. Consider yourself lucky (or well prepared/experienced) if you're able to get to task number two before the tower climbers must come down (by arslan at tforge). The PLAN needs to be written breaking out each task. ONLY progress to the next task when all agree (including climbers)! Party Chief remain aware of your climber's fatigue while aloft - talk to them often to judge their state, but try not to frustrate them too much as they need to focus on the job at hand!...........

Read the entire article here.
Pdf file download (10 pages) about 1.5meg



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