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Technology that works for me.
A portable DVR!

By N6JSX/8 08/2012

The marvel's of the today's technology is mind boggling. Look at the size of your HAM radios and what they can do compared to the old Drake, Swan, Hallicrafter, Heathkit,
or the infamous IC-2AT thumb wheel HT. HAMdom has
really progressed in just a generation with super miniaturized solid-state components giving us remote control head radios, blue-tooth's, CTCSS, HT's smaller than a cigarette pack and now IF DSP, clearly the best all time RX improvement.

As I age I find that my hard-drive between my ears has nearly reached capacity with retrieval seek-times getting longer and longer. Only my wife can effectively push the defrag button. Bill Cosby's recommendation to sit down hard in the chair to push the forgotten back to the top of the stack, just doesn't work anymore. It still remains lost
until my wife barks which miraculously pops it to the front of my mind, but that bark comes with consequences. Now that I've been diagnosed with sleep-apnea (that is causing occasional short-term memory losses) I found the DVR a handy if not necessary tool.

Decades ago when I my life was super busy balancing work, family, night-college and more, I bought myself an expensive pocket mini-cassette recorder/player but found it was too cumbersome to use. It was a battery and tape killer (it stretched tapes). Then about ten years ago, I again decided to reorganize my thoughts in a desire to become more efficient. I bought an Olympus VN-90 (90min) ~$65, DVR (digital voice recorder)with three message folders, using two AAA batteries, very light pocket small, using EE memory and no tapes. This DVR can be adapted to many different uses, imagination and ingenuity being your only boundary. The DVR even has a built-in mic/speaker and two external jacks for mic/speaker. I used it for years until I forgot where I put it, only to find it last year in one of my old NoteBook cases. It is now part of my HAM shack to record my Satellite operations with passes not exceeding 12 minutes. Afterwards I transpose the contact data to my PC log and make a PC audio file (.wav/.mp3/.wma) to save those special contacts.................

Read the entire article here. pdf download (2 pages) 313KB



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