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"KL7JR Sloping Vertical Delta Loop 80-6 Meters"

Imagine 9 bands on one wire antenna!

I like loops. I'm amazed at how a "shorted-out antenna" can even work at all more or less so well! My favorite vertical loop for portable and fixed use is described below. (Ref. 1).

I had great results with it from Alaska and the Yukon on my portable outings! It is extremely easy to build and only requires 136 feet of wire and a tuner. No balun or choke coils necessary.

This design simplifies another design I've had good results with over the years (Ref. 2). I wanted to place the feed point at the apex and eliminate the balun. If you can get the apex up about 60 feet you'll have a more perfectly shaped delta loop, but if you can't, (not every ham has a tall tower!), don't worry as the loop will work great sloped or off shaped a bit as well.
Getting mine up 20 feet above my motor home roof (30 feet high total) on a simple mast is what I do. Then I just pull the bottom legs out a bit and tie off to "something" at least 8 feet (for safety) off the ground.

Remember, this loop is above a motor home!

Given halfway decent propagation, this antenna should work a lot of DX in all directions as the other designs have for me. Check out the map below to see what it has done for me so far!

1005 divided by 7.2 MHz =140 feet. KI8GX, (Ref 1. below), found that 136 feet long worked for him, so that is the magic number I will also use to maintain 1 WL on 40 meters which would also allow 80 meter use. So I divided that 136 feet by 3 and rounded the sides to about 45 feet per side. You can use more or less to suit your tuner.

Here's how the loop stacks up:

6M. 7 WL

10M. 4 WL

12M. 3 1/2 WL

15M. 3 WL

17M. 2 1/2 WL

20M. 2 WL

30M. 1 1/2 WL

40M. 1 WL

80M. 1/2WL

Ref. 1 "A One-Masted Sloop" by KI8GX (ARRL MEMBERS ONLY You must log in!)

Ref. 2 "KL7JR Easy Vertical Loop 80-6 Meters" (at Hamuniverse.com) No log in required!


If your having trouble reading the info on the bottom section of the map, it says:

ANT: 150 FT Long Vertical Sloping Loop (somewhat square), 1WL on 40m.

Orientation: East/West with top feed @ 20 FT above motor home roof.

Apex @ 30ft and legs @10ft.

All stations worked on 14Mhz except the KL7'S were on 7Mhz.

Worked about 30 states as well....band conditions in and out all day!


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