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Using CB Antennas on the Amateur Bands!
A New "ebook" by 
John Reisenauer, Jr - KL7JR 

Yes, it has a 5 Star Rating!

(Front Cover)


"I've been using CB antennas on the ham bands since the late 1970s and have had great success with most of the brands and models I tried."

"It's easy to say something won't work in Amateur Radio, but how will you really know if you don't try it? There are a lot of skeptics out there, self-proclaimed antenna experts who preach that 11 meter CB antennas don't work or don't work well on the ham bands. That is simply not true. Most CB antennas work quite well on the ham bands. I like using CB antennas because they are not only economical but are easy to install. You will appreciate that when it's 40 below on a dark northern night while installing antennas!"

John, KL7JR, an avid DX'er and "make what you have work" type of guy, test drives several brands and models of CB antennas in his new ebook that he has used on the ham bands for years with great success and has the log entries to prove it!  

In his new "ebook" pdf download, you will see how he incorporates CB antennas in some very unusual ways and exotic locations to get him on the air and in stealth mode when needed!

In the book, he will concentrate on the popular "Solarcon A-99" vertical, old Shakespeare models of the "Super Big Stick" including the newest "NBS 1020" vertical, Wilson's FGT series mobile verticals and even some ham antennas for flavor, MFJ's vertical mobile antennas used in cool "V" beam designs.

John, not only shows you how to use them "portable" but also shows how to use them in stealth mode from your home station! Using his methods and experience from years in using CB antennas , John, KL7JR will show you how to "hide" them in plain sight!

So if you are interested in gettng on the air in a stealthly fashion or just want to learn how to use CB antennas in your ham station with much less expense...then..... 

The "ebook" is offered for sale at $12.95 as a pdf download containing now 49 pages in full color.  It takes aproximately 11 minutes with a 56k dialup modem to download it from your email.
Much less time with high speed connections.

Order your copy by sending $12.95 to n4ujw @ hamuniverse.com via PayPal

State "KL7JR CB ANTENNA BOOK" in your order details PLUS add your email address for where we can send the downdload.

You will usually receive the pdf "ebook" within 24 hours in your email!
 Don't forget to check your Spam folder for it after you order.
 It could be there.

Thank you for helping to support further antenna experimenting
 and fun for you with ham radio....John, KL7JR


Monitor police, fire, ham radio, rescue, ships and more!


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