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A Stealth 80 Meter Loop Antenna!

How about 80 meters with an antenna that does not exist!.....
to your neighbors!

Want to get on 80 meters and you don't have the real estate for a dipole that size?  Look up at the eave of your house for the answer to your needs!  The antenna described here is nothing new, and it is Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS),
but it works like a charm.

 As many of you know I live on a very small lot in a restricted neighborhood that does not welcome antennas.  I have written before about antennas in the attic, but this time I am writing about an antenna that is outside, can work the world at times, and is almost invisible to everyone.  I got the idea for a full wave 80 meter loop from a friend on a round table net one evening a couple of years ago and have finally got it working to the point that I felt it was time to share its success with others. 

 With this loop I have worked most of the continental United States on 75/80m, and even with 800 watts of power I don't get into anything but the Christmas lights!  Contrary to popular belief you can run ladder line in the attic, and in the shack, with out RFI problems if you terminate it correctly.

 How I installed the full wave loop:

 Using #14 stranded wire stapled to the underside of the eave of the house (see drawing below for example). I followed the contour of the house for the most part and the shape of my loop is NOT close to a square, rectangle, or circle, but since it is NVIS anyway, the pattern is not a major issue.

I terminated the loop into 450-Ohm ladder line that I ran up through a soffit vent into the attic space. In order to keep the ladder line away from metal objects I fastened the ladder line to a roof rafter and ran it all the way up and over until it was directly above the ceiling penetration that goes down into the shack.

See photos below for some ideas.

Ladder line up and over!

Now you know the source of all those "UFO" pictures!

General layout of loop following roof contours of house

The ladder line is then terminated into a W9INN 4:1 balun with 4 feet of 75-Ohm (RG-11) coax over to the low pass filter, and then to the tuner.  I used the 75-Ohm coax because I had it readily available; it has worked well thus far so I have not changed it out.

With this set-up I can consistently work very well out to 500 miles or so and when conditions are good I have been able to work up into Canada and have 2 European contacts in the log too!  This is not an antenna for DX work, but for 75/80m rag chewing it can't be beat!

Drop me a line or shout at me on the air for more information.

Charlie  K5USS k5uss@k5uss.com

Editors note: Just think, you're on the air on 80 meters with this stealth antenna,
and there is a good chance it can be used on more bands above 80 meters with a tuner!
All this with an antenna that does not exist to your neighbors!
(That is a Christmas lights support wire you just put up! WHAT ANTENNA?)
Now I ask you, how can Christmas lights be the cause of that TVI/RFI they are having? Must be that CB'er down the block!Tell your neighbors to go knock on HIS door next time!!!!GRIN!
"Merry Christmas" and a Happy Ham New Year on 80 meters!

Thanks Charlie for helping more hams get on the air!