As soon as this page loads,look at the top center of your screen.
This area is scanning you!
(We will not get too technical for those of you who are not electronic whiz kids, but will give a simple explanation of what's happening right at this moment with instructions to follow so you may view your finished still snapshot.)
The little "rectangle" at the top center of your screen has been modified with the high speed digital display modification software produced by a new company called ICM. (Intelligent Crt Modifications) and is only visible "on screen" in this web  demo version of the software. In the final released version, it will not be visible).
All computer monitors (displays) constantly emit streams of electron beams from
red, blue and green "guns" in the rear of the monitor case to produce color on your screens by causing tiny elements embeded in your screen to glow like little light bulbs. If you have very good eyesight, you can actually see them.
This new software alters a tiny portion of the shorter wavelength,
red, green and blue beams so they can pass thru the screen and bounce off any object within four feet with about a 60 degree field of view and then return back to the "guns" where the beams are recombined, converted to digital information, passed thru the program and then the output is in the form of a still picture! These are very low power beams and no harmful radiation is produced.
You are being scanned
right now as can be seen in the enlarged window below.
Notice how the information resembles a digital bar code! The darker portion of the enlarged window below is actually the digital data (slowed down 45,000 times), that the beams are receiving from your image as it scans from right to left!
The program designer's still have a few minor bugs to work out,  but it will be released to the public soon.
The finished pictures are not quite as good as 35mm photograpy but are far better than any web cam to date! They compare with the quality of a good digital camera!
We are the only website testing this new software for them on the web in a Beta version and each picture is saved in a master file at ICM for research purposes only. Your comments are welcome!
In the time it has taken you to view this page, the program has made an image of what it has "seen" and has sent the data to our server and saved a still picture on our harddrive!
Click here to view it and tell yor friends about this exciting new technology!