Stealth Mobile HF Antenna Video Sneak Peak!
Turn your sound up before watching video)
By special arrangement with one of the top 3 in ham radios, we are allowed to give you a sneak peak at their NEW All BAND HF "Stealth" mobile antenna to be released for sale later this year. This page contains a video demonstration of it in action! We are not allowed to disclose the mfg at this time.

This video clip is part of the actual making of the commercial for the _com web site with behind the scenes commentary and views of the antenna in operation.
The first part of the video is the intro to the new HF antenna commercial.
Look for the antenna to deploy from the rear of the car just as the car comes from behind the large tree.
This commercial should be very effective in the marketing of this new All Band mobile antenna!

Click here to see the video (Windows Media Player required)
Turn your sound up to hear the commentary!
Please wait for the download!

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