Also includes a link to help you identify the sounds of ham radio digital communications signals.

This page contains a description of many of the popular HF digital modes software. 

The list and descriptions have been compliled from various sources and descriptions on the internet and the ham radio world and should be as up to date as possible.

This list is by no means a complete list of all of the digital software programs in use by hams worldwide. Most of the listed digital mode programs are designed for transmitting and receiving these fun modes of operating on the HF bands.

Listings with Green backgrounds below are the more popular digital mode programs. But everyone has an opinion so use the list as needed.

It appears that the easiest digital mode software program that is user friendly without a huge learning curve would be DigiPan. It is an older program that has been used for years by hundreds of thousands of hams on an every day basis.

The list below is in no particular order...have fun and enjoy using your computer sound card on ham radio digital modes! If you don't find the HF digital mode software you are interested in, do a search on  Google !

What are those strange digital sounds you hear on the HF digital frequencies?
Need help with the identification of them and many more that can be heard on various frequencies?
Listen to the recorded sound files here (
external link) to KB9UKD. Then come back here and download the program for them in the below chart links.

If you are thinking about getting into the facinating digital modes of Ham Radio, you will need a good computer to radio interface. West  Mountain Radio has the interface you will need. They are offering a good discount to Hamuniverse.com viewers. Click on any of their ad banners on this page, like the one below and look for the "hamu" discount on their web site!