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Latest HF Band Propagation Conditions, DX Watch and Sun Images

A Snapshot of HF Bands Propagation in Real Time
Get near real time data on the condition of the HF ham bands,
DX Watch and more in a nutshell and near real time images of the sun

Current Sunspot Cycle Activity and Space Weather

Latest Sun Image - Near Real Time - 
Will PopUp in new Window

Major Recent Solar Event Videos!

Click here for more facinating videosfrom recent events on the sun!

Current Space Weather Conditions
Space Weather Warnings/Alerts
 issued in the last 24 hours, if any:

(Includes the  NOAA Scales Activity Monitor)
The scales in the link below describe the environmental disturbances for three event types: geomagnetic storms, solar radiation storms, and radio blackouts. The scales have numbered levels, analogous to hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes that convey severity. They list possible effects at each level. They also show how often such events happen, and give a measure of the intensity of the physical causes.
How to read the scales is described in the link below.

Off site
(scales: http://www.sec.noaa.gov/NOAAscales/

Nasa "Stereo: Imaging Project of the Sun
Now with full "360 degrees view"
STEREO consists of two space-based observatories (spacecraft) - one ahead of Earth in its orbit, the other trailing behind. With this new pair of "Stereo" viewpoints, scientists will be able to see the structure and evolution of solar storms as they blast from the Sun and move out through space. With the Stereo images spliced together, your actually looking way over the horizon of the sun as seen from Earth with a 360 degree view!
Click link below to see an animation of the latest Stereo 360 degree images in a movie file.

This is a large file that is required for the animated movie so a long download can be expected for dialup users!


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