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The Hamuniverse.com "Hammobile"
Wanna Take A Ride?

The Hamuniverse.com "Hammobile" prototype just back from a "Far Out" DXpedition setting at idle and waiting for the ice to melt before takeoff again
 around the world of Ham Radio!
Notice the ever watching eye of the "Guard Owl" on duty....!

Click here to hear random communications from within!

(Content of audio from Hammobile has been Edited for security reasons
and may or may not be representative of actual transmissions coming
from within the Hammobile.
The possibility of the transmissions being authentic
and originating from the Hammobile are directly related
to the imagination of the listener and his ability
to decipher the overmodulated rectangle lightwaves emiting from the 2 meter antenna on top and to triangulate on the signal source using extrapolation software required to demodulate the middle sidebands of the DC signal!
In other words, turn your sound up!)


"Specifications of the Hammobile"
(Subject to Change due to Propagation and Solar Flux)
Restricted information - Eyes Only!

Ground Speed - Limited to U.S speed laws
Maximum Air Speed  ..............................Classified....Mach 10 Plus
Maximum Ceiling at 25% thrusters.....300,000 feet
Maximum Ceiling at 50% thrusters.....800,000 feet
Maximum Ceiling at 75% thrusters...........classified
Maximum Ceiling at 100% thrusters.........classified
Maximum Ceiling with afterburners..........Unlimited...oops...Classified!

Weight                                  3500lbs without fuel and Pilot
Weight with fuel                   3501lbs
Weight with Pilot and fuel   3686lbs
Fuel type                              Classified - very expensive from Area 51 source
Fuel capacity                       1lb - see above - do the math!
Fuel consumption/hr           Classified - but very little!
Weight with radio gear        Classified
Wing Span                            8 feet (4 feet each side)
Total Thrust                         Classified
Thrust to weight ratio          Classified....capable of vertical flight at takeoff!
                                             (Very hard on the neck but anti-inertia system
                                              usually very effective) Still some bugs.
Ham Radio Equipment and Electronics on board:
Antennas                             Stealth (All Ham Bands up to light) 
                                            Technology from Area 51 source
                                            Cheap 2 Meter Mag mount center of roof 
                                            was a present!

Transmitting Equipment      All Ham Bands up to light - All Mode - Homebrew
Total Max RF output            Classified - Full Legal Limit in U.S. on all bands
Flight Electronics                Classified - Exceeds FAA regulations -
                                                              NASA certified
Receiving Electronics         Classified - All Ham Bands thru light -
Weight with radio gear        Classified

Emergency Power               Simi - Classified - Ask later
Backup Power                     Methane Generator

Questions from readers:
What are those things under the wings? Don't ask!
How fast will it go? Plenty!
How many passengers? It depends on their size!
What if you had a flame out? Impossible! There are no flames!
How far will the radios transmit? As far as needed!
Where are the antennas? Hidden. Uses that stealth stuff!
Won't the tires burst in outer space? We carry spares!
Have you ever used it on a drag strip? Melts the pavement!
Is it hard starting in the winter? I keep the filaments on!
Come on now...what is the power source? Take a guess!
Is it safe?.....Keep one hand behind you and you should be OK! 
Additional Specifications     You guessed it.......CLASSIFIED!

Wanna Take A Ride?
Contact N4UJW  for details - 
Bring lots of QSL cards and a couple of log books. You'll need both 
after calling CQ from "out there"! 
A change of underwear will be required of you shortly after takeoff!
Bring your own!
Snacks and coffee provided.
Trips are short due to fuel costs. Only one orbit per trip. Extra trips at
your expense.....bring additional changes of underwear!

New Nasa Photo of Hammobile entering the atmosphere....just in:                               

Photo Courtsey NASA
From Orbital Satellite 37WJU4N.
Believed to be ionized trail left
by the Hammobile entering earth's
Click picture for
audio from NASA!
Unconfirmed by N4UJW

Hammobile Graphics credit:
John T. Butler - Graphic Artist/Animator
Planet Productions
Dallas, Tx                                                
Harmonic of N4UJW



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