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Grundig FR 200 Emergency Home and Portable
 Hand Cranked Radio Review!


This versatile, compact AM/FM  hand cranked emergency shortwave radio is so valuable in emergencies! It needs no AC electricity or sun to bring in local AM/FM radio and shortwave broadcasts from around the world.

Contains a rechargeable battery pack that powers up in minutes through the radio's side handcrank and with a few minutes of cranking gives you up to an hour of use.

Also operates on 3 AA batteries. What, no batteries, jusk hand crank it!
It even has a dependable flashlight built right in!

Has a rugged ABS plastic water-resistant exterior, four-band tuning, rotating antenna, 2" speaker with excellent sound quality, and carrying handle.

It has also been refered to as a "wind up radio". It gets a 4 plus review out of a possible 5 from hundreds of reviews for inexpensive emergency hand cranked radios !

We've reviewed the reviews all over the web on sites that have input from customers that have purchased the this hand cranked emergency radio and it comes out in the 4 + range or better on all the reviews that we researched for an inexpensive hand cranked radio!

When the power goes out CRANK IT UP!

Four Band Tuning-
Receives AM, FM, SW1, and SW2 stations.
(SW1,SW2 referes to shortwave bands and stations)
A built-in AM antenna provides better sensitivity for AM reception.

Battery - can be operated on 3 x LR6 or AA size batteries. If the power goes out and batteries aren't available, the FR 200 can operate for up to one hour with just one minute of cranking.
Its built-in generator means that even in the most desperate situations, you can still have access to local and world news, just crank it...

General Description:- The FR200 radio puts the power of radio in your own hands.
- The four band fine tuning allows you your choice of hundreds of stations.
- Features a hand crank that with 60 turns, will play the radio for  approximately one hour.
- Can also be run off three AAA batteries.
- Built-in crank power generator and emergency light.
- DC and earphone jacks.
- Telescopic antenna to extend its range.

The Grundig company is well known worldwide for great value and reputation! Although the Grundig FR200 does not compete with a receiver costing hundreds of dollars and higher used by most Ham Radio Operators for worldwide reception, it is worth it's weight in GOLD when the power is out and all of your other radios and batteries are dead.....
crank it up....
nuff said!

Where can you get it? Amazon.com has a great price on it. Click ad below!

Not what you're looking for, then just click the ad and do a search!

This review courtesy of Hamuniverse.com a Ham Radio Information Website!



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