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Hamuniverse Ham Radio "Elmer" List

Remember...give us details and put "Ham Radio Question" in the subject line of your email.

OUR "Elmer" LIST follows...select one from the list below and email him now with your questions...
we are here to help!

Try to stay with the same "Elmer" with future questions so he will be "familiar" with you.
Pick YOUR "Elmer"

Don -   N4UJW - n4ujw at hamuniverse.com (site webmaster) Notice to Military people using military emails from government email addresses. Hamuniverse.com outgoing email, (our answers) to you, may be blocked by the military servers for security purposes. This is not because Hamuniverse.com is a security risk. If you don't receive an answer from either of the "Elmers" listed below, you can assume that our emails were blocked.
So if you are in the military, please email your questions to either of the "Elmers" below.
I am certainly sorry if our emails are blocked by military servers but we have no control over it. Others who are not using the military email servers, please feel free to email me.
n4ujw at hamuniverse.com with your questions.

Elmer List
Ken -   AC0NJ  -  fullofblarney at comcast dot net 
Don -  N4UJW  -  n4ujw at hamuniverse.com      

Just copy the email address in blue, add the "at" symbol @ where the word at
is, close up the spaces and type into your address window in your email!
(If your first choice does not get back to you within 24 hours, then just pick another from the Elmer list above.)
Don't forget to use "Ham Radio Question" in the email subject line or it may seen as Spam and not seen by us.
73 (Best Wishes)
Thank you for your interest in Ham Radio!

N4UJW...DON..., AC0NJ...Ken, 
 (About a century of combined ham radio experience)
Just some "Elmers" trying to help) and we hope we can help you!

If you feel that this service is of value to you, please make a donation below. 
Your generous donation will be used for maintaining the website, future expansion and more features.


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