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Calling All Hams! is constantly on the lookout for Ham Radio articles, projects,
 tips and tricks, etc related to Ham radio and radio communications.

Of particular interest to most Hams are ways to save money with antenna projects as most can easily be completed at home using available tools, test equipment, materials, etc that most Ham radio operators have on hand or that can be located easily.

A great deal of fun and a fantastic learning experience along with the satisfaction of knowing that you have "built it yourself" are just some of the benefits of doing it yourself while usually saving lots of money versus buying a commercially mass produced product.

Most antenna projects on have been built from good directions, plans, pictures, drawings, etc and have a tried and proven success record based on previous experiences of other Ham radio operator experimentation that can be repeatable by others with very little error involved. Most of the antenna projects you see on the site were offered to share with other Hams by Hams just like yourself!

We are open to any and all antenna projects that are simple, inexpensive, in use at your QTH or have been used by you and are good successes for their intended purpose.

Please feel free to submit your Ham Radio antenna project or other related ham radio projects to us for possible inclusion to the ever expanding base of projects on!

Keep in mind that the project you submit must be within the capabilities of the greatest percentage of all classes of Hams out there or within a particular license class. Plans for a 20 boom, stacked, multi element moonbounce Yagi array with 100dbd gain usually would not be within my budget or yours! If you believe most hams would have an interest in your project.......submit it.....if we feel that it would be of interest to our viewers, we will contact you via email.

Please don't submit projects that are a duplication of projects already on unless they are a known improvement over a version that is on the site already.

Modifications that enhance performance, total construction cost, size, weight, etc are fine. Getting another .05dbd more gain from your project by spending another $50.00 in material and a couple of hundred hours extra construction time would not be a good project for anyone in their right my humble opinion.

Just because you use stainless steel hardware in your project and the other guys don't, with the same type of antenna, would not really merit anyone looking at all of your graphs, charts, tables, pictures, or the text of your project just to learn that they should use a different type of mounting hardware!

If your project is based on the work of others.....say so.....give credit where credit is due! Don't forget about Copyright laws! They apply to the internet also. You can not copy someone's work and claim it's yours! This is where the Lawyers will have a QSO with you in an eyeball contact in a QTH called court and you won't leave with a QSL card!

Submitting Ham Hints and Tips submissions:

Now on the other hand, you can submit just the type of thing we were talking about above for the "Ham Hints" page unless it is already there.

Hams by their nature are "thinkers". We are constantly trying to "think" of ways to do something cheaper, better, more efficient, more performance, etc using materials "on hand" or materials that can be used for a totally different reason than it was intended. Remember the old saying, "Give me a set of old rusty bedsprings and I'll load em up"! Plastic milk bottles for insulators......

PVC pipe as supports, enclosures, etc......

These are the kind of things we are looking for on our "Ham Hints" page.

If you have a better way of calling CQ....let us know!

Got a great method of studying that might help new Hams.....let us know!

If you have a better way of doing anything better related to Ham radio in your opinion, let us know!

Submit your "Ham Hints, antenna projects, articles, does and don'ts and any helpful advice tips and tricks to us here at! If we determine it is will get the credit! Drop us a line...share your "knowledge" with others!

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