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Ham Radio Reviews

Antennas: HF Wire (dipoles, windoms, end fed, doublets, restricted/limited space, etc)


Name = Don
call = N4UJW
Description = Tak-tenna model 40 HF Antenna vertical or horizontal
Rating = 5
Length of time owned = About 2 years plus
Purchased new or used = NEW
Recommend it? = Yes, Highly recommended!
Customer service experience = Yes!
Comments = I was one of, if not the first, to review the Tak-tenna on the internet. You can search for the review of it on Google or see the complete review
here on Hamuniverse.com.
It does exactly what the mfg stated it would do and I had a blast using it. Most of the time I forgot how small it was when I was having so much fun on the air with it.
I would highly recommend it for anyone with very restricted space limitations for hf antennas. It makes a fine multiband antenna when used with a simple tuner and within it's design limitations. 




Brand and Model number*:

EZ Wire

Your first name*:


Call Sign*:


Type of equipment reviewed- Be specific! Example Yaesu FT-107 Hf transceiver, Hustler 4btv vertical antenna*:

Wire antenna

Your overall rating (5 is excellent, 1 is poor)*:


Enter time owned or used, years/months*:

3 months

Purchased new or used*:


Comments about the equipment in your own words*:

EZ-wire, it's an antenna 16 (about 35 yards) meters long. It does not need radials or ground connections, but I have a ground connection. Full coverage of all HF bands from 160m to 10m. Max Pwr 1KW, Max SWR 1:3 EZwire works well on several configurations : Horizontal, Vertical, Sloper, L and Zig-Zag, mine is a sloper. EZ-wire is perfect for limited space. It works very well with my Alinco DX-R8E with an MFJ-941E.

Your email address*:

jose.tavares AT me.com


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