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Antenna Mast Guying for Simple Ham Radio Antenna Installations

This article will explain the proper guying heights and guy lengths when guying ham radio antenna masts. It will help you determine ahead of time the proper length of guy wires and the distance from the base of the mast to the anchor points. All of the information contained within the article is based on Rohn engineering specifications for their H series telescoping masts. All masts represented in this article are in 10 foot telescoping sections and Rohn recommends guying every 10 feet. Distances from the antenna mast base to anchor points are shown and suggested lengths of guy wires from anchor point to mast guy point. You will need to make each longer for securing them on both ends. 
Do not use any information in any part of this article for guying towers!
See drawings below.

20 Foot Mast Recommended guying above

30 Foot Mast Recommended guying above

 40 Foot Mast Recommended guying above

Notes and disclaimers:
This article only recommends lengths and heights of guy wires and guy points and does not recommend any particular hardware for attaching guys to mast, hardware, or the type of anchors. Refer to the Rohn specification links below for more detail.

Rohn Telescoping Masts and instructions: Pdf Download

Also see How To Find Unknown Guy Wire Lengths when you know height of tower or mast and distance to the guy anchor! Uses some simple math to determine the unknown guy length.

NEVER install a mast near AC power lines. All points of the installation including guy wires MUST be a safe distance from power lines if any part of the installation falls or fails. Note that if a guy wire breaks under stress or if the mast falls, it will usually fly back or land in the direction of "Murpheys Law".
If it can't happen, it will! Be SAFE ahead of time! Don't do it by yourself, get plenty of help! Watch those electric power lines. A good rule of thumb is to have at least 1 1/2 times (or more) of the mast height from its base to the nearest power line...if your not sure, add more! Remember, when a guy wire breaks under stress, it may act like a sling shot and may land on power lines!

Note that there are 2 methods of attaching guy points recommended by Rohn - 3 guys at 120 degrees apart and 4 guys at 90 degrees apart. Refer to drawings above.
You may use either one but the "4 guy" method would be the strongest.

Antenna load (top load) should not exceed an effective projected area (EPA) of 2 square feet for this type of mast (see your antenna specifications).
The drawings in this article are based on Rohn H Series Masts.
This heavy duty series of Telescoping Masts uses 1-1/4" 16 gauge galvanized tubing for top section.
All other sections are 18 gauge.

It is always better to "over guy" rather than skimp to save money. A penny saved may not be the best idea when you have to put it all back up!
After it falls, it is too late to say "I wish I had put it up the right way"!

This article is NOT intended as an installation guide for installing any antenna mast.
It should only be used for determining the lengths needed for guy wires and their suggested guy points for Rohn H series masts or equivalent. If you use your own homebrew mast, use every safety precaution and over design it.

We assume no responsibility for your installation.
Graphics and other portions of this article copyrighted by Rohn Products LLC.