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Hustler 4BTV to 17 Meter mod With A TWIST
 Using Lucite Rods
by Bob, K7TUC

I tried the 4BTV modification to get it on 17 meters today, with just a little twist.  Instead of hanging the 17 meter radiator from a spoke of the capacity hat, I clamped a piece of lucite rod, just below the 20 meter trap, using two hose clamps at right angles.  One on the mast and one on the lucite rod.  I drilled a hole in the end of the rod, inserted the wire, and added a blob of solder to keep it from falling through.  

Another chunk of lucite and two more clamps at the other end, and viola!

I added two 13-foot radials to the base.  My 4BTV is roof mounted, about 16 feet up. 
The very first time I fired it up, the SWR was less than 1.1.  So I left it alone.
And as in the original mod, the other bands were not affected (by arslan at tforge).
This was an easy and fun project.  I wish I'd thought of it myself!  hi hi
Bob  K7TUC
Seattle, WA
Email Bob for Questions

See original Hustler 4BTV 17 Meter Mod here


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