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Kring Point New York 2012 Photos!

We are happy to host these photos of the September 15, 2012 Kring Point  New York get together headed by Tom (KC8QGJ) and his 1721 roundtable group... plus our Northern Friends heading up the VE3ORF 3730 net
We all had a Blast!  Fine Food, Fine Drink and Fine Friends all-round !!!

"Who wants to cut the cake?"

"But we don't have our license yet. Does that mean we don't get any hot dogs?"

"Let me see your license Sir"

"All we need now are some hot dogs! Thanks for the fire Survivorman"!

"Ouch! I thought I felt a bug bite?".........OR IS SHE SNOOZING?

"You only get one. The rest are MINE!"

"Please fill up the coffee can!"

"I thought I put down my hot dog somewhere!" said Tom.

"I say cheese on my hamburger!""

"I heard it on good authority that Tom is over there in the yellow jacket! Begging!"

"We don't see Tom..Oh there he is...taking food from that kid!"

"All this "ham" around and nothing to eat!"

"Guess I showed up too late. The grill is empty and all of the seats are taken!

1721 and 3730 Group elbow to elbow!

Stay tuned for next year! 73 to all...N4UJW


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